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Work Update -- Amy is Leaving

We found out this past week that Amy will be leaving the festival to work for the Oregon Food Bank. She used to be my office 'neighbor' -- her cube was right near mine. I was always running over there to ask her for her help with something. She's such a wiz at Outlook, Word and Excel, for example.

I had hoped to spend part of the summer learning more things with Amy, but clearly that's not going to happen. One, because summer is almost over and I haven't even tried to tackle the project. Two is obvious, with her leaving...

I'll miss her -- but I'm wishing her all the very best on the new job! Plus the Oregon Food Bank is a wonderful place to be working -- and making such a difference.

(Not that I sniff at anyone working for the festival, mind you! I think the festival makes a big difference, too!)

Amy is always in my prayers, but I'll say some special prayers as she tackles the transition.

You know, the entire festival will miss her. She's been on staff for four and a half years. It actually seems longer!

As I mentioned before, Marilyn missed both Thursday and Friday with the flu -- which is unheard of for her this year.

She's worked such incredible hours and for so many days in a row in 2007 that it beats any work from her past with the festival (which has also been damn impressive). She clearly got the bug from Carol, who had laryngitis so bad that she stayed home on Wednesday with no voice. (Naturally Carol was using Remote Access to work, though -- the way Marilyn does all the time. At the festival, being home doesn't mean not working!)

Anyway, Marilyn is currently fighting laryngitis, I'm afraid. Damn, do I hate getting it! And I hate it when she gets it, too. Poor Marilyn. What a lousy way to start off vaca...

I need to make a switch with the computers now.

I want Marilyn to get the one Amy has (which was Kristin's). Then I'll move Marilyn's to the office where Amy was (most recently). Marilyn's computer is pretty good, but wasn't one of the latest purchases. I want her to have the new(er) one because it has a DVD burner -- and she could really use that function for her work.

I set up the scanner computer in the cube where Amy used to be located (down near me). But I still need to set up the external DVD burner there. We have that available for all the people who don't have them -- which is almost everyone, actually. (Only a few computers have the burners.)

The bad news is that the scanner software is missing. (sigh) So I'll have to go 'on the hunt' for it next week... I tried locating a download online, but wasn't successful. We (clearly) need a better way to maintain our software -- and the serial and registration numbers, too. My personal policy at home is to write the serial number (registration number) directly on the software CD -- that way you can't lose the info, unless you actually lose the CD. (smile) This method has saved my fanny many a time, I'll tell you...

But it's a good idea to keep it all written down, too. I like storing stuff in a cyber note area -- which gives me access wherever I happen to have internet access.

Tuesday I'll be going in for more IT training, while Marilyn stays home. I'm not sure who will be giving me a ride, but I'll decide that on Monday, I guess.

You know, I started this entry at 11:30 a.m. Saturday (August 25) -- and now it's 3:30 a.m. on Sunday. Time flies when you're having fun! (heh)

I've got a small tummy ache right now. (ugh) This sucks, as that's how Marilyn started out when she was getting sick. Hopefully it's not the flu, though. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I forgot to mention something weird that happened... We were down in the family room (downstairs), watching TV. Then we came up to head for our office. Marilyn discovered the front door standing open! Needless to say, we both freaked out...

The porch light has been out (I need to stick in a new bulb), so there was no light -- and the street is pretty dark in front of our house. Henry had been down with us, but we immediately realized Colin must have gotten out, as we hadn't seen him. This turned out to be true, but thankfully he was back in the front bushes (yes, again). I used a flashlight to find him. There was no sign that anyone had been in the house -- and my wallet and cell phone were in plain sight in the kitchen, so...

I guess when I went out to check on the mail the latch must not have engaged all the way. Obviously I forgot to lock the door -- which we almost never forget! It's been windy today, so the wind must have pushed the door open.

Anyway, we were very glad we came up when we did! And that Colin was so easy to locate. We'd be sick if anything happened to him!!! And obviously we don't want our door standing open so someone can walk in.

I'll have to remember to be more careful...

Anyway, time for bed.

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