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The Weekend Is Over


It was busy.

Marilyn went in to the PRFA office Saturday morning while I stayed home and worked on the script (and her labels).

We didn't find time to work on her filing this weekend, I'm afraid. Maybe next weekend, though (hopefully).

Saturday late afternoon/evening was Music Fest. (Loud and no where to sit, so we spent the entire time on our feet.)

Sunday morning we actually slept in. (Thank God.)

Then we ran for Starbuck's before heading home to dress for the annual Blessing of the Festival.

The Blessing is extremely tedious. There's no nice way to put it. At least we sit much of the time.

It's also extremely essential that we attend. We have very important interactions with the Rosarians and so on...

It was hot standing outside after the ceremony in the sun while the (very tedious) rose planting took place.

Then the reception. We didn't stay very long as we needed to head directly home and change before going out again.

Next in line was Music Fest again. It was packed, as people awaited the final performances and announcement of the winners. (Whew, was it hot in there!)

Again no place to sit, so we stood the whole time.

I broke out in quite a sweat, but we got through it fine. The music is amazing (if loud).

The best part was it got over by nine.

Then we dashed out for some fast food for dinner. Came home and got into comfy clothes and scarfed down food. (We were starved.) Drank two pops in a row! (We were both really thirsty, too.)

I'm just getting ready to head to bed. I'm beat.

Marilyn (bless her) worked out after all that! She's amazing.

I hope all my friends are doing okay!

We had a beautiful, sunny day today! The weather is supposed to be nice this week.

I need to talk to sister Sue tomorrow, as I barely had time to do that over the weekend...

I also need to find time to call friend Shari. (We're all she has anymore after the death of her brother and now her aunt. Sigh. She literally has no other friends.)

Haven't talked to cousin Linda for several days, either.

More tomorrow (hopefully!).


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