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Marilyn is Sick! ...and I Ride My Bike...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has the flu, poor thing. She's pretty miserable. She actually stayed home from work (!!!) both yesterday and today. (She almost never misses work -- seriously.)

We were awake until around 4 a.m. last night, so that was a pretty good indicator (to me) that she wouldn't be going in today. Last night she was trying to tell me that she 'had to go' to work, because she had meetings today, etc.

My response was: You're sick. I just told her they'd have to get along without her -- which they obviously did. (smile) It's a bitch for her to miss the last two days before she goes on vaca -- but it's a bitch for her to be sick as she faces vacation, too! Oh well.

So I'd wanted to get out and take a bike ride for exercise today -- so I did that in the late afternoon. I rode all the way to Roosevelt high school and did a lap around the track there. Then I rode up to Freddie's where I stopped and got a loaf of rye bread (our fave) and a few other items.

From there I headed back home. We had an actual blue-skied, summer day out -- and I was in a total sweat by the time I got home. I had to strip out of all my clothes (including bra and panties), because I was soaked to the skin. (grin) I guess I achieved my goal of getting some exercise, anyway!

So apparently the high today was 81°. Like I said, it seemed pretty damn hot to me while I was out biking. But you have to keep in mind that we haven't really had a summer to speak of this year. It's been cool and gray -- or even rainy.

Just many 'bad,' non-summer days...

I dropped off the bag of groceries and headed down to Walgreens for a couple things I needed. On the way back, I stopped at Arby's and picked up a few things for dinner. We haven't had anything from Arby's in months, for whatever reason, so it was a fun change.

While I was gone Marilyn had some drama here at home!

She'd stepped out on the porch to bring in the mail and Colin decided to slip out the front door -- and into the bushes! I guess poor, sick Marilyn had to spend 15 minutes trying to get him back in the house. There she was, sick and close to having the runs, sitting on the damp lawn (sprinkler system) trying to coax him out -- not even able to see him, and worried that he'd slipped away!

Finally she moved back to the porch, only to find him there! She said he was looking up at her as if to say, "Let me in, will you! I want in, now!" That is such a typical cat thing. (sigh)

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