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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Can you say 3 a.m.?

Well, time for bed -- no doubt about that!

I got a lot done today. No vacuuming (!!!), but I did pick up the office, livingroom, kitchen and family room.

I did laundry and dishes, too.

I did PRFA work from home (via phone and computer Remote Access).

And as it was Wednesday, I did all the garbage and recycling, too...

All in all, a very busy and productive day.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn didn't get home until past 7:30 p.m. (I was on the phone with her at work at 7:00.) So we both had busy days!

(I may not go in to work tomorrow...)

I guess we're going to the Oregon State Fair 'Foundation Night' dinner on Saturday (at 6:00 p.m.). We've invited Mitch along as our guest, but I've no clue if he'll say 'yes' or not at this point. Anyway, Marilyn and I will go no matter what, representing the festival. We'll get free parking and admission (woo hoo) -- and be served dinner. Then we can check out the fair before we head home. Sounds like fun to me! (Especially for free...)

The baby (Henry Tudor cat) is in my lap as I type this. What a good boy!

Actually, both he and Colin Kitty were wonderful today -- and such 'helpers' while I did housework.

Tom scores again!!! He brought by another box of Cheetos and other goodies! How did he know I'd just eaten the last of the Cheetos yesterday? What brilliance! Marilyn phoned to tell me and I was cheering him.

What a guy! He sure works to keep me in Cheetos. (And Marilyn was eating reduced fat Ruffles tonight, too.)


Well, I need to get to bed, so I'll end.

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually find some time to read my LJ Friends (for a change). Or even answer some recent comments to me. That would be a good thing!

Oh. And my Qwest email account was 'acting up' today. (sigh) I need to reason that one out. I got my email inbox back down from more than 400 emails to less than 150. (A ton of work.) I need to try and keep it under 100 -- but that's quite a chore. (big sigh)

Again, hope we can do something with Mitch this weekend to (belatedly) celebrate his bday!

I saw sister Sue (and Nicole) briefly today -- and talked to her via phone. And talked to Donn several times. Sue was (finally) getting Candy's computer in for work (go Donn) -- and it's now back up and running. I need to check out Sue's with LogMeIn soon...

Say! Wasn't I ending this? (grin)

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