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Home Today (believe it or not...) - and Remote Desktop (work)

So, I'm actually home today -- which seems pretty strange, I have to say!

Of course, it's not like I'm not busy as hell, because I am. There's a ton to do around this house. (sigh)

I've done a load of dishes and a load of laundry (twice -- because I let it sour in the washing machine), I've started picking up the family room and kitchen. I'd love to vacuum, if I get time for it.

I need to start the garbage and recycling (because it's Wednesday). And start picking up the livingroom, my bedroom and this disaster office! (yikes) Meanwhile, it's 10:30 a.m. here, and I think I'll finally brew a nice pot of coffee. (smile)

I've earned it!

By the way, I reasoned out (finally) why I couldn't use Remote Access [actually: Remote Desktop] for work here at home. I was really flummoxed about this, considering Marilyn mistressmarilyn had no trouble with it! Considering we've both got the same model computers, purchased at the same time and configured the same way, I just couldn't reason it out.

I. Am. A. Dummy!

(And naturally as the new IT person at work, figuring out things like this is now my job...)

Using Remote Access requires: Microsoft Remote Desktop ActiveX Controls. I mean I tried it over and over again with no success. (sigh) Then I finally 'got it' (duh, Charlie) last night! Firefox doesn't support ActiveX. Seriously. There's no way to 'switch on' ActiveX, period.

Anyway, as long as I use a different browser, I'm good to go! (I guess the 'Microsoft' part should have clued me in... sigh...) I've become such a Firefox junkie that I didn't want to use anything else! (Considering I didn't used to be all that into Firefox, this is pretty amusing...)

I smell coffee brewing! (yum) Can't wait to have a cup!

Speaking of, I got a 'new' (not-so-new anymore) cup recently, that's very pretty! I meant to share a photo of it ages ago, but you know how that goes!

Here's a small photo:
new cup small

New Berry Cup, 2007
Isn't it pretty??? (smile)

I use it most of the time now, here at home. (Even though I have two other 'new' cups I can pick from!) Can you say spoiled rotten? (Thanks, Marilyn!)

Well, I've got tons to do today and not enough hours to do it, so off I go!!!


We missed Mitch's bday (which was Monday, when Marilyn was so sick). (sigh) We'll have to make it up to him somehow. (I phoned him and he sounded so down...)

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