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Marilyn is Sick Today. (sigh)

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is sick today. Poor thing.

I've been getting work-related emails here at home. Clearly I'm going to be popular from here on out! (smile)

The weather still sucks and I still keep asking: Where's our summer?

Oh well, we couldn't enjoy it today, anyway.

I still have photos to post from seeing the meteors at Stonehenge, but I haven't quite managed to get to it. (Things have been so crazy busy.)

Marilyn stayed home, but last night I went to dinner with sister Sue at the Original Taco House on 82nd. (There are actually several locations in town, but that was the first and has generally been our fave. I had to link a review, as the official site is under construction!)

Original Taco House (Southeast)
3255 NE 82nd
Portland OR 97233

Credited with introducing Mexican food to Portland. The Original Taco House dishes up some supremely affordable food. All the usual Mexican standbys are represented from hand-made tamales to to tostadas and burritos. Olé!

The Original Taco House (on 82nd) - exterior
Original Taco House on 82nd

The Original Taco House (on 82nd) - interior
Original Taco House on 82nd

The food would probably be considered very a very Americanized version of Mexican, but frankly I don't care -- it's one of my fave restaurants (and always has been). The food is yummy and reasonably priced.

We've been eating there most of my life, seeing as it first opened in 1960. But we may have to revisit it, I'm afraid. We've had some issues with musty napkins and bags -- and last night this extended to their poppers!

Damn it, it's never actually been the food before now... (sigh)

Anyway, it was nice to go to dinner with Sue and chat, as we had a lot of catching up to do! We often don't visit on a daily basis as much when Marilyn is on vaca -- and it's been really hard to talk since I started working at the festival.

Okay -- I'm looking around the office and shaking my head. Right now the house needs picking up and cleaning in the worst way, but Marilyn has advised me to give myself a break. It's going to take time to get used to my current work schedule and juggle the office with our home. I'm fine with that. But I really need to do some laundry soon, or I'll be out clean clothes! (grin) Well, maybe not quite that bad, but still...

This sort of thing often happens during the festival, when both of us are working un-Godly hours. But this year I kept up with it pretty well, really. It's since then that I've slacked off some.

My goal is still to get rid of more so I can get more organized with what we have! Hopefully I'll have the time (and energy) to do that soon.

I should mention that my friend Donn is doing really well -- and going to start back to work (on a very part-time basis) this week. Go, Donn!

I had to contact Kent again about the festival computers. Remote Access [actually: Remote Desktop] is down (again). (sigh) I hope he can get that fixed soon...

I'd better check up on Marilyn, and maybe phone the office (again).

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