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(Korean) Barbeque at Bob's House!

Last night was the barbeque at Bob's (and wife Sherri's) house...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had never been there before this (except outside the house at Christmas to see all the decorations). They've got this amazing backyard -- and an incredible covered patio. Actually, they have two levels, but I didn't get photos of the upper level covered patio!

Sherri got Bob this custom-made neon (the real deal) sign: Henryville (which is what they call their home)
Henryville neon sign

We didn't just have normal barbeque -- we had Korean barbeque! There was a tabletop grill on each table where we cooked our own meat.
Korean barbeque

Here's a bunch of the guest enjoying the party!
Party time!

Korean barbeque!

The Korean barbeque was comprised of large lettuce leaves, thinly sliced, marinated beef that we cooked ourselves to the degree we wished, bowls of rice, kimchi and dipping sauce. You put the meat, rice and kimchi on the lettuce, then wrap it up into a sort of burrito to eat it. Messy, spicy and yummy as hell!

If you've never heard of kimchi (or tried it before), here's what it is -- it's a spicy (hot) and really pungent condiment that's served at almost every Korean meal. Kimchi is made of fermented vegetables, such as cabbage. (Ours was made of cabbage.) These veggies have been pickled, then stored in tightly sealed pots and buried in the ground. Traditionally they'd be dug up as needed. Commercial kimchi is sold in Korean markets and will keep indefinitely in the fridge.

The kimchi makes the meal -- seriously! What amazing flavor. I'd had it before, but several others hadn't...

Here's the big version of the Henryville sign.
Henryville neon sign

By the way, I should mention that the photos turned out this way because it was an evening, outdoor event -- meaning unusual lighting!

Bob has lights strung all over the place. He has two HUGE lit up palm trees and lots of lit shapes everywhere. You can kind of get the idea here.
Party Lights

Marilyn listens to a conversation.

I pose for a photo (Marilyn snapped it).

Here you can see the grill, tongs, cooking meat, bowls of rice and bowls of dipping sauce.
Henryville neon sign

Time to eat and drink! There was plenty of booze, including Sake. (If you've never had it, Sake is sort of like rice beer... smile...)
Henryville neon sign

Our hosts, Bob and Sherri -- and puppy Lizzie (two months old), asleep in Sherri's lap.
Henryville neon sign

Jenny and her husband, Troy. You can't tell in this photo, but Jenny is very (very) pregnant right now. (smile) This is the Jenny from work, by the way. Such a lovely woman.
Henryville neon sign

Not much left -- and I ate that piece of beef right after I snapped the photo!
Henryville neon sign

You can make out the top of one palm tree here. And that ball above it is one of those twirling disco balls! You can also see how wonderful the roof of the patio is! There are skylights and everything -- really nice!
Henryville neon sign

Party lights all over!
Henryville neon sign

Here's Sherlock! He was the last dog allowed out to visit, as he has issues with people when they arrive -- but is fine with them once they're actually in the house. (grin) I somehow missed getting a photo of Chuck...
Henryville neon sign

The coil of light is the base of one palm tree. The stand holds a plate that was originally covered with large lettuce leaves. On the right you see metal -- it's a large, standing stove to warm the outdoor air -- worked like a charm! (They can party outside all year round.)
Henryville neon sign

Friend Gayle is in yellow. Beside her is host Bob.
Henryville neon sign

We had drinks when we arrived -- Marilyn had a tequila sunrise, but I opted for a margarita (it ended up being very strong!!!). For dessert there was apple pie with vanilla ice cream, with coffee. Then Bob brought out some amazing liquor glasses and various bottles of liquor.

Anyway, we had an interesting visit -- and tons of food. (yikes)

I'd love to try Korean barbeque again sometime...
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