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What a Day! Hell, What a Week!

This may have been one of the hardest weeks of my entire life...

On the other hand, it may have been one of the best weeks, too!

Isn't it interesting how challenges in life can be such a great thing?

I'm getting ready to lie down for a nap. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is already asleep on the sofa. We both had a difficult week... But she had ten meetings today, so I think she trumps me. (grin)

Dealing with the festival IT issues this week was brutal, no doubt about it. We had issues with security. We didn't have the information we needed to access and update our website. I needed to learn how to do computer administration, including monitoring the server backups (and how it's all done) and changing user passwords. I had concerns about staff morale, was learning to work with Marilyn as my direct boss (in a different way than ever before) and experiencing what it's like to make computer-related (IT-related) recommendations from a position of (some) authority -- rather than simply trying to offer helpful suggestions, as I have in the past.

Then on Tuesday evening our internet connection went down. By late that night it was back up. But by 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, it was down again.

My work schedule is supposed to be Tuesdays and Thursdays (as I've mentioned before). But on Wednesday afternoon I go in to try to help with the internet 'crisis.' The major concern is that no one can get external email (or send external emails, obviously), if we can't connect to the internet.

We track the problem to a bad modem, but nothing I do gets us up again. Marilyn and I are at work until 9:30 and home around 10:00 p.m. Neither of us ate a bite until 10:30 that night...

Thursday was another rough day. I try to get help with the problem and then deal with getting everyone to create their passwords -- and learn how to change these out (and actually do it). I have to make up a ton of passwords, because I've been told to change all of them except the Administrator pw (which was already changed). We stay late again, but don't get the internet connection back up.


I managed to track down our domain information -- all of it. I had several calls related to it and I loved working with all the people at the company! I also interacted with our website creators, which went quite well.

I tested the FTP info and things weren't working, but I phoned and chatted for some time with support and got things working quite well.

The 'girls' at work encourage me to go to lunch with them (and one of insisted on buying my lunch for me -- in fact some were fighting over it). We had a lovely lunch where I got Mandy to tell all about her vacation abroad. She met 'Mr. Wonderful' in Italy -- and the story is like a romance movie! I kid you not! (I saw photos of him later -- he's very handsome. They make such a lovely couple!)

Kent came in exactly on time in the afternoon and worked like a dog getting things to work. I stayed with him almost the entire time, observing. I can't say how impressed I was by what he did! When he left we had our internet connection working again and remote access back in place.

Those are the main highlights of my day. (There was other work, too -- so I felt I got a lot done today.)

We were home by around 7:30 p.m. Happily, I'd made a casserole when we got home last night, so we had leftovers for dinner.

It felt so good to be home, facing a three-day weekend! (I hope to sleep a ton on Sunday...)

We missed our planned get-together with Jan tonight. We both spaced it and were still at work long after we were supposed to meet with her. We'll have to try and do it another time... I did speak to her on the phone, though, which was nice. I've had almost no personal phone calls all week -- there just wasn't time! Plus I always seemed to be waiting for an important call or meeting...

We have a social obligation tomorrow -- a barbeque at Bob's. I'm sure we'll have a good time (even if it is supposed to rain!).

Jeff took most of the day off to make up for working his birthday yesterday. He was supposed to leave by 9 a.m., so I finally escorted him out the door at 9:35. (smile) I hope he has a great weekend!

Things went from disaster to success in the course of this week, which is a great feeling! While I totally recognize the things I was unable to do without help, I'm very proud of the things I was able to do. I'm already enjoying this job, and know I'll enjoy it more in the future!

No, I never got my hair colored. I didn't get any housecleaning done. I desperately need to do more laundry. (Well, maybe not desperately, but the situation in my case is pretty bad!) But what the hell, something had to give...

I have some plans for the future that I hope will make things easier for everyone at the festival office. I want to really clean up (and out) the IT Room -- and get it organized.

I imagine I'll spend a lot of time talking about work here in the next month or so, but what the hell. It's a big focus in my current life.

On the other hand, recently I've done a lot of fun, non-work-related things, too! And we plan to have a good time this weekend. I feel we've earned it, which makes it even better. (smile)

I guess our Writing Circle meeting for this month isn't happening. But Marilyn and I hope to do some fanfic, anyway.

Henry Tudor the cat just came to get me for nap time, so I guess I'll end...

I hope all is well with my LJ Friends! (I you guys!) Sorry I haven't been commenting much, but I guess you can see why.


Yikes! I think I just ate the last of the Cheetos! Hell, I earned 'em this week! (grin)

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