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First Day of New IT Work -- and "From One Rose" Tonight

So today was my first actual workday as the IT person for PRFA.

I was supposed to meet with the IT consultant at 9:00 a.m., but he was late (by close to an hour). That should have been a sign, I think.

I had a list I wanted to work from -- but it didn't go that way at all.

Other things happened that were a surprise, too.

Anyway, things were far less productive than I'd hoped.

But I got a start. I guess that's something!

Marilyn and Jeff had a productive meeting today, anyway. So we'll see where that takes us.

(I'm interested to see what the computer research will show, anyway.)

I did get my cube in pretty good shape this morning, seeing as I was at the office around 7:00 a.m. (Marilyn had Executive Board this morning.)

Tonight we went to the special showing of "From One Rose," with friend Mitch. I love that movie so much!

Mitch drove, because there's apparently something wrong with the car. It seems to be tied to the air conditioning, which annoying when you consider the car was in this year to have it fixed -- to the tune of around $800! (sigh)

I hope it's nothing serious, anyway -- and nothing too expensive.

Tomorrow I have a large list of things I need to get done around here.

My List of Projects for Wednesday
  1. Ride bike to store for hair color and cat food
  2. Color my hair
  3. Do a load of dishes
  4. Change the beds
  5. Wash laundry
  6. Dry laundry
  7. Fold laundry
  8. Pick up kitchen
  9. Pick up office
  10. Pick up livingroom
  11. Water plants outside
  12. Water plants inside
  13. Do garbage
  14. Clean cat boxes
  15. Do recycling

And I'm sure I could come up with more, but I doubt realistically that I'd get more done...

So that should keep me busy tomorrow! Oh -- and I need to decide what to wear to work on Thursday...
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