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The End of an Era -- Brad (LJ's Creator) is Leaving LiveJournal...

If you've heard the rumors that Brad brad is leaving, it's been confirmed as true.

I suppose I wish him well. Hell, he's getting out while the gettin's good -- and recent fandom-related issues are certainly part of the reason why, from what I can tell. (Whether he's bored or not...)

The sad thing is how many people are joining him and leaving LJ for other blogging environments.

It's official -- LiveJournal is no longer the best place for fans to be.

Maybe it never was the best place, but many of us have had a wonderful time here in recent years!

This is a huge step backward, in my opinion, for what that opinion is worth. But anyone who doesn't think we could see it coming is just kidding themselves. The second Brad sold (out?) LiveJournal -- and it moved to California -- we knew there was trouble in our future. (Oh, and I'm sure that LJ becoming a commercial website had nothing to do with all of this. Right.)

Of course, Joey fatjoey and I have been predicting for some time now that this would happen all over the internet. We call these the 'wild west days' -- where we've all had the opportunity to do pretty much as we've pleased (happily so). But those days are numbered, as is a lot of the fun we've enjoyed.

Look, I was there for the early days of slash fandom. A good deal of it was underground. There was a lot of fear of discovery. Some fiction was shared hand-to-hand -- and many zines were sold only to a select few. Repression of fandom was everywhere you looked. In some ways the world has become far more open than we could have imagined in those days, with more and more erotic books for sale in bookstores -- and gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered individuals finding more acceptance in society.

Let's face it, we're not very active at Yahoo Groups these days because they had a major crackdown on so-called 'adult' groups. Our friend Kit lost his personal email account because he moderated a really harmless 'Nasty' group, that Yahoo found offensive (even though they left many pornographic groups alone).

Me? I don't think slash fic is pornography. I've always tried to discourage people from referring to it that way, even in jest. Because some people don't seem to understand what it's all about -- and they're ready to close it down with little or no excuse.

Did we bring some of this on ourselves? Maybe. Marilyn and I always felt people should try to draw less attention -- but you need to remember what it was like for us back in those early days. As I said, everybody was extremely cautious back then!

I totally understand why people are leaving LJ in droves. Some of my favorite communities and fic authors are gone (or soon will be). I'm going to miss them! I'll try and follow them to wherever they end up, but I'm not planning on deserting LiveJournal -- and I've only got so much time in a day (or week). LiveJournal made it convenient for me, that's for sure...

I plan to keep on blogging here, though I suspect I'll avoid any fandom-related posts, for the most part. Of course, I never have shared much fic here, thankfully! So I don't need to rush around trying to delete or move my fanfic. I certainly feel bad for those who do.

Marilyn and I had wanted to start a "Dead Poet's Society" community here, but obviously we won't be doing that now. (Maybe we should think about GreatestJournal.Com for that...)

I hope my LJ Friends will at least stick around for non-fandom-related entries! (Those who focus mostly on fandom, I mean.)

I do think there must still be places where people can discuss interests that are generally considered acceptable by the majority of society, though. Think of all the truly hateful things that are permitted in the world...

Anyway, it's the end of an era here. Brad brad moves on -- and so does our happy fandom LJ world.

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