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Clark County Fair (on Sunday)

We went to the Clark County Fair today, with Mitch. It was the last day of the fair this year.

We went last year with sister Sue and Mitch -- and Mitch had mentioned going again this year.

Sue got sick yesterday, which is why she couldn't go along last night. She was still recovering today and had obligations involving Nicole, so had to miss the fair this year.

She didn't miss much, I'm afraid. We managed to have fun, but it was raining and cold. (brr) Where's our summer??? I wish we'd get some decent summertime weather one of these days...

Yes, I still have photos to share from last night -- which was amazing, as I said before. Even if we hadn't seen a single meteor (and we saw many), it would have been incredible! The sky was so beautiful and the stars were so bright. The setting there is perfect, really perfect. Sitting (or in my case, lying) there in the dark and looking up at that sky is truly beyond description. (And of course none of my photos are of the night sky, because it wouldn't photograph with the camera I have...)

I have a meeting set with Kent for Tuesday morning. (Kent's the contracted computer tech for PRFA and a buddy of mine.) He's going to start filling me in on many of the aspects of the IT work that I simply don't know at this point...

I'm looking forward to talking to him! (And learning some new things!)

I need to get in to see my doctor and have a pelvic and pap. My hormones prescription has expired and they won't fill it until I've had the exam. (sigh)

For that matter, I think it may be time for my annual mammogram. (sigh)

And my annual eye exam is coming up, too.

Well, it all has to be done, after all. (smile)

By the way, the party Friday night at Mary's (living history Georgianna) and Mike's house was lovely. We had a great time! David (living history Mayor Harry) and his wife were also there -- and Kristen showed up, straight from her vacation in Indiana (to see family). It was the first time we'd seen Kristen since she was laid off and we were delighted to visit with her.

The conversation was stimulating and great fun!

Mary and Mike live in Forest Grove, which is quite a drive -- especially going during rush hour. But we got there without too much trouble. (smile) They have a lovely house and I was quite comfortable there. As I said to Marilyn mistressmarilyn afterwards, I could picture us living there. I rarely ever say that, by the way, so it's a big thing...

I don't think I've blogged about going to the track and walking on Friday. We went to the track located on 42nd, where sister Sue likes to go. It was Sue, Nicole (who is nine), Marilyn and me. We were there around noon and it was pretty warm, considering we're not used to the heat here. (And I repeat, where's our summer???)

Marilyn ran part of the time. I walked at a decent pace for two miles. Sue also did two miles. Nicole ran and walked and was here and there -- not unusual for a nine-year-old. (grin) Marilyn ended up doing a total of three miles. (If you count the cool-off laps, we did more than that, of course.)

It felt good and made me really want to get back to some outdoor exercise again. (I'm looking forward to sticking with it!)

I'm going to look into some music download websites, I guess. Places Marilyn can use for her iPod and I can use to burn CDs for walking (and eventually running). I used to have a running/walking tape of music that I loved. And as stupid as it is, I'd like to try and duplicate that tape on CD...

Marilyn's been screencapping "Dead Poet's Society" -- so we can make some new icons. We're thinking of starting a DP community of our own... (We've always loved that movie!)

Yes, yes -- I'm all over the place in this entry! Sorry about that...

Well, it's almost 4 a.m. here, so we should head to bed soon (!!!). Hopefully I'll get around to posting some photos tomorrow!

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