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Worked (at PRFA) Today -- and Working Tomorrow...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn dropped me off at the office for a couple hours today while she went to get her hair done. We figured out The Move -- and who was getting which computer. Then we actually started in moving things.

I got all my stuff out of Chicken's desk and moved to my cube. Then I completely emptied his desk, which will be moved out of the IT Room and become Jessica's new desk.

All the rearranging was quite convoluted, but I think it's going to work out well. We'll be leaving Rachel's corner office empty for now, waiting on the new Development person (who is yet to be hired). We're also excluding that person from the current list of computers -- apparently it's in the budget to buy some new computers, one of which will go to that person.

Amy is picking me up around eight-ish in the morning -- so that Marilyn can sleep in if she wishes. (Or do whatever else suits her.) It's just wonderful of Amy to come all that way to pick me up. Seriously. I can't get over how everyone wants to protect Marilyn's vaca. It rocks pretty big time.

My cube is a disaster right now. I took in things from home and have all that junk I moved. I just hid it all in drawers and storage and will tackle it a bit at a time.

One of my major goals, by the way, is to do a clean up of the IT Room. It's a mess right now. But I guess I'll have plenty of time to do that...

Marilyn finished her article for IF magazine (the official IFEA mag) that she's co-authoring with Rachel. I need to help her pick out photos to go with it -- and maybe 'colorize' a black and white (which I think would be a blast). We'll see. Of course, Nia emailed Marilyn today and extended the deadline (!!!), after she worked all those hours on the project on her vacation. Typical, huh? But the good thing is that it's done -- and it's fabulous. Seriously. (I'm surprised they don't want her to write for them more often, actually... Well, I suspect they'd be all over it, if she suggested it...)

I was sick on Monday. And for a couple days after, too. But the details are very gross, so I'm sticking it under a cut. Don't go there if you're at all squeamish...

So we stayed up all night on Sunday. We didn't go to bed until around 6:00 a.m.

At some point between 6:00 and 9:30 a.m. I apparently vomited in my sleep and then aspirated part of this into my lungs.

Actually, it's more complicated than that. My whole life (since childhood), I've been prone to almost vomiting while asleep. It's not that frequent -- maybe once every three or four months (or even less often). I've never charted it, so I really don't know. But I'll be about to vomit in my sleep and suddenly wake up and be able to stop myself.

I've no clue why I didn't wake up this time. This has never happened to me before.

Anyway, I must have had very little on my stomach, because I clearly threw up bile (stomach acid). I almost cried it hurt so bad. I'd burned the inside of my mouth and my throat and sinus cavities. I started bolting down Rolaids by the handful. Seriously. And the taste was very, very nasty. (yuck)

My chest was congested and I immediately figured I'd aspirated the vomit -- so I forced myself to get up the phlegm. I've always been good about doing this. Yeah, it's disgusting. But it's helped me avoid bronchitis or pneumonia. I think I've only really had bronchitis once in my life...

I always keep cough syrup with an expectorant around the house, so I immediately took some. And I propped myself up. Actually, I've been sleeping propped up ever since.

Marilyn has been very concerned and checked it out online (of course!). There are numerous sites that cover it in some detail. I've been watching for any complications -- and taking it easy in general.

I did actually ride my bike down to the store one day since, with no breathing problems. (Go me!) But I'm still having some coughing and chest congestion -- though not bad.

Another negative result was that I've had a couple of nose bleeds since. I had one last night while doing the garbage and recycling -- and another one this morning.

I used to have nose bleeds all the time growing up. My dad had them, too -- very, very bad ones. It's must be somewhat genetic, I suppose. I used to have them frequently during my period. (I also used to have more instances of bleeding gums during my period.)

By the way, that condition is known as Menorrhagia -- and it's more common than people think. I never had it explained to me by any doctor (or nurse) in my life. I only happened on the term on the internet, after experiencing it basically my whole life! If it happens to you and people act like it's odd, don't believe it. Just try googling it! (What shocks me is how many times people give out incorrect info about the condition... sigh...)

Well, anyway, I've had some pretty bad nose bleeds (!!!), but it's actually been years since I had one. Thinking back, it might well be tied to my hysterectomy back in 2002. (I can't believe I didn't post much about my hysterectomy, but I wasn't that active at LJ early on...) Maybe that's when my bad nose bleeds stopped. I can't believe I never noticed it until now!

Oh. And obviously Dad's nose bleeds weren't tied to having a period. (grin) I guess he always had them, but got them really bad after serving in a plane in WWII. Something about the pressure of serving in those planes, apparently. But Dad would have nose bleeds like I can't begin to describe. Horrible things. I never had anything quite as bad as that, thank God.

Anyway, I've been reluctant to tell people about the whole thing, because I hate to squick people. This is decidedly a TMI thing! Marilyn told sister Sue about it. And I finally told friend June (and her husband Jim). And today I told Jeff at work...

I'll need to keep a close eye out -- and if I see any symptoms of serious problems, I'll need to see my doctor. So far I'm not convinced I need to see him about this. But I don't want to get a lung infection, so I'm being very, very careful.

I just really wonder why it happened. Was I so tired after being awake all night that I didn't wake up the way I normally would?

Marilyn says she's been worried about how hard I've been sleeping lately, so...

I'll try not to lift much tomorrow, even if it is a moving day. My personal role is to be there to support the move of the computers, now that I'm the IT person. I doubt there will be any problems moving them, but it's good for me to be there, even so.

I'm excited to be starting work officially on a regular basis, by the way! I think I'm really, really going to enjoy it.

We picked up "Dead Poet's Society" recently on DVD. We've had it on tape forever, but never got around to buying it on DVD. Marilyn's anxious to do screencaps and make some icons. We love that movie!

I heard from Shari today! It's been weeks and weeks. I need to phone her back tomorrow, because I didn't have time to talk today (we were getting ready to leave).

Well, it's now after midnight (well past, actually), so I need to get to bed. Big day tomorrow.

Also, Marilyn and I have the party at Mary's house tomorrow! (Mary is the actress who portrays living history 'character' Georgiana Pittock for the festival.)

Busy, busy!

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