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I ♥ LogMeIn.Com!

I truly LogMeIn.Com. I mean it!

Probably most people would never have a need for LogMeIn -- but if you would, then this is the one. It rocks hard. (smile)

For whatever reason, I can't seem to get the 'official' festival remote logging service to work on my computer. I appear to be missing some Windows XP file (that's not automatically installed, darn it) -- and I haven't been able to fix this.

Amazingly enough, (poor) Donn has done a ton to try and help me. What a guy, huh? From his hospital bed, no less! But it's still no-go.

But yesterday when we were in the office, I took the time to install the LogMeIn software on my computer. And today I'm logged in and able to access it, no prob at all. Wow!

And of course, for ages now I've been using LogMeIn all the time when in the festival office, in order to access my home computer.

It's such a lifesaver! Okay, maybe not a hero based on actually saving my life, but certainly for saving my sanity. I never have to worry about what files from home I need to copy and haul to the office. Instead, it's simple to either bring them right up on my screen at work and then highlight, Copy and Paste. And for files that won't work in that fashion, I just email them to myself. Isn't that cool?

And I've never used anything but the Free version, by the way. So it hasn't ever cost me a dime...

I wonder when I first used it? I can't even remember that! It's been some time, though.

For the record, Donn was the one who told me about LogMeIn in the first place. You rock, Donn! He's always telling me about something awesome!

I think I'll phone him and tell him how it's going... (And see how he's doing!)

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