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LiveJournal Sponsors? Really?

Hm... I feel very, very strange about this...

For those who haven't heard about it, you can read more here at the_lj_herald.

You can see the 'sponsored' moodtheme -- which is highly annoying, by the way -- here.

And here's the 'happy' Pepsi bubble from the moodtheme... (Keep watching him. Yikes.)
happy Pepsi

At first I thought we were talking about sponsored banner ads -- but if this is only sponsored layouts and moodthemes (etc.), I guess we can live with it...

Don't get me wrong. I love Pepsi products! We use them a lot in this house. (smile) But that's not really the point, is it?

I'm just concerned about what this might lead to in the future.

By the way -- did I miss something? Apparently these have been around for some time now. But I never saw anything in news or any other LJ-update-type communities that I belong to -- and I belong to quite a few. I was stunned to see that some of this has been in place since June -- and I was watching LJ carefully during June, in anticipation of getting a Permanent Account...

I guess I'm curious as to why we weren't officially informed about it. Or were we?

Remember when everyone was predicting what would happen after we found out LJ had been sold? Advertising everywhere was one of the big concerns. Seeing LJ become another MySpace was another. Worry over policies regarding blog content (fic-related, especially) was one, too.

Looks like we were right to be worried, doesn't it? (And there were other concerns, too. I wonder if they'll come to pass, too -- ???)

There are so many things about LiveJournal that I love. I genuinely feel bad complaining. I really do. But I hate to see changes that make me feel negative about LJ -- and that's as honest as I can be.

I know a thing or two about sponsors and why they're necessary, considering a non-profit relies on them quite a bit. I hadn't realized that this had become The Pepsi LiveJournal -- or is that LiveJournal, presented by Pepsi, instead? (grin)

Well, I suspect I'll be joining some new communities that deal with this subject...

For the record, I started to use my 'disturbing' icon for this entry -- but had to change it (for obvious reasons).

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