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Set Up Cube...

I deliberately changed the time/date on this entry, because I want it to reflect Thursday, August 2, 2007 -- rather than August 3. (It's actually the 3rd -- and just past 2 a.m.)

Today I went into the festival office with Marilyn mistressmarilyn, who still wasn't feeling all that well. She had a meeting with Jeff, while I spent time cleaning out my cubicle (it was full of Rose Cup Races stuff and other things). Then I moved out the old computer and scanner and put the 'new' computer in.

That computer has had some issues -- and is a slow boot -- but is still one of the better computers in the office...

Anyway, I should be able to use it for graphics and website-related purposes, as well as other work.

The old monitor was a bitch to lift (!!!), but I did get everything out of there just fine. I've yet to check to see if I've got remote access now here at home, but will do that tomorrow (actually today... grin).

Mandy helped me hunt for folders to move into my area. I need to get into the network and hunt for other stuff that will aid the work.

So I'm officially taking over the IT and assisting Marilyn with the website, along with other tasks. At this point my plan is to work Tuesdays and Thursdays -- we'll see how that works.

Several people are going to be moved from their current locations to other places. Amy should be getting her first office (she has the cube closest to mine, currently). Becky and Mandy will also move. I don't know about Jessica. Computers will be shifted around -- and I'll be helping determine that. I think the moves will be taking place next week.

Even though that falls during Marilyn's vacation time, I plan to go in. There's no reason Marilyn needs to, but I really should be there...

In good news, I found out today that I'll get to keep my telephone extension that I've had for years (and years) there! There's a way to move phones around so that we can all have the same extensions, regardless of our new locations. I'm glad about that.

There's a ton to do. I need to meet with Kent (the festival's contracted computer tech) and go over a ton of things. And I want to meet with the firm that does the website. They do some interesting things that I'm unfamiliar with, so I need to have them explain why they do these...

I imagine I'm going to be pretty busy in the future, anyway!

We took Henry Tudor cat to the vet today. He was so good! And it's always nice to see Dr. McCoy.

So as of this afternoon, Marilyn was officially on vaca -- for close to two weeks. In fact, she's only in the office eight days out of the next five weeks! Sweet! We should be playing some major tennis (!!!) and taking some day trips -- and just lazin' around and enjoying the summer...

Sister Sue and I went to visit friend Donn and wife Denise up at Emanuel hospital late this afternoon. Denise told me she could feel my prayers -- which made me feel so good.

I've been spending a lot of time in prayer recently...

Oh! And last night Mitch and I went out to dinner at Thai Ginger, which is very close to home. Nice food, good service and reasonable prices mean that we'll be going there again soon!

Afterwards Mitch came by the house and played a bit of Slingo with Marilyn before he and I headed out to Vancouver to see "Harry Potter: OotP" -- his first time, my third. It was playing at 9:50, so we got home quite late. Happily, I only dozed once during the movie. (grin) Like me, Mitch loved it.

He was the last book, but hasn't finished reading it, yet -- so we still can't discuss it (!!!). But I did discuss it (briefly) with a neighbor. (smile)

Well, I'm off to bed now!

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