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Family and Miscellany...

No, I'm not quite ready to go into the details of what I call our 'family woes.' Yes, I did start a detailed post last week. And I do plan to put it up sooner or later, if only as a record of what's happening currently with our sister, Sue.

But I'm in both a good mood and a big rush this morning. LOL.

The sun is out (it's been gray and rainy for days) and shining and I find myself smiling. That's pretty much the basis of the good mood part. LOL.

I'm off to Costco (shopping for bulk items, etc. that we need) and then spending the rest of the day with Sue. (Yes, we're going to the card room, one of her favorite things to do.)

I'd like to get my cat boxes cleaned before we leave, seeing as I hate to do them late at night (and it might rain again later, after all!). But I need to get a bath, put on my makeup, do my hair and get dressed (obviously) so I'll be ready to go when Sue comes to get me! There's the rushed part. LOL.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is really into the hard part of her 'season' now. Very, very busy at work.

I spent much of yesterday working on the Starlight Parade script. Hope I get that line-up soon! I'd like to set up the actual book in order of entries.

Marilyn gets tanned on Saturday, then plans to go to work. I'll probably go in with her so we can (finally) set up her files for this year (among many other things). Then in the late afternoon/evening we have 'Music Fest.' Groups perform in competition for the right to appear at our Waterfront Village during the festival.

It's a great program. It gives young people the opportunity to come and appear before an audience. They get judged. Those that win get to perform in front of large audiences. It's one of the educational opportunities offered through the festival. (Our various educational programs are very important to us.)

Then Sunday is the Blessing of the Festival. Always a very big deal. All the major festival V.I.P.s give speaches, it's the first appearance of the Court members together in public and so on. (Marilyn and I never miss attending.)

I need to get the 'forms' ready for the vips (rhyme that with zips for pronunciation) before then. I give them something that tells them what I'll need from them for all three of the parades, script-wise. (My parade comes first, so I always get the vip info and pass it along to the other script writer.)

Sue's had more bad health news since I started my 'family' entry last week. She's been in a 'blue flunk' since hearing it, and crying quite a bit. Hopefully today will lift her spirits.

I have better things to do than sit in a card room for hours, but we'll have fun, I'm sure--we always do. (It's quite social, frankly! LOL. Tons of friendly interactions and visiting and so on.)

The 'blue flunk' thing always makes me smile. That was how our Mom always said blue funk--and Sue picked it up from her! So when she uses it I'm reminded (fondly) of Mom...

Well, if I don't get in the bath I won't be ready in time!

Have a great day, everyone! (I hope some sunshine comes your way...)

(Just watched a good ep of "Bonanza"--in the background--while typing this, having breakfast and getting M. off to work... I still love "Bonanza." LOL.)</smile>


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