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Left the cards (and gift) for Janet. She wasn't home, but her hubby Doug was...

Then I took the cards (and presents) to John.

We talked at length. John was quite proud -- deservedly so! He said that people are talking about making the story into a movie, which would be amazing! (You should see his trophies for the team, by the way.)

He also said that any one child on the team could have a movie made about how this has impacted his life.

Anyway, I'm delighted for both him and his son Jesse -- and the other kids on the team. It's not just about winning, but about the way it was done. I told him to keep up the good work -- and he said he planned to do exactly that.

I have to tell you -- I live in what's considered a poor part of town. But I've got many, many amazing neighbors. The people around here are good people (for the most part).

I love where I live.

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