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Such a Lovely Day...'s pretty as can be outside.

Hector (who does our yard work) came with his crew yesterday and topped our curly willow tree. They also raked and cleaned up the yard and it looks so lovely. All the flowers are in lovely bloom!

They also cleaned our gutters -- which really needed it. Now I don't have to worry about trying to do that on our six-foot ladder... (grin) I've done it many times in the past -- but last year we had Hector do it for the first time. What a blessing!

I'm worried about Marilyn mistressmarilyn. She's got some kind of... spots on her body. They're red and circular. Now she also appears to have a rash on top of that. Then this morning she had vertigo while lying in bed! Twice.

She's saying she might try to get in and see the doctor tomorrow. That would be wonderful if she could manage it. She's had health issues on and off during 2002...

This is a killer week for her -- meetings and interviews. (For the financial person replacement.) And then the auction on Saturday. I'm excited for that -- but it will be good to have it done with, too. (M. needs some time off...)

We were both so tired last night that when we decided to lie down for our evening 'nap' we ended up sleeping straight through until around 2:00! We'd planned to wake up for "CSI," but seeing as Marilyn didn't even get home until after 7:00, I guess it's no surprise we didn't.

We're both concerned for Nik, Gloria, Chuck and the family back in D.C. (Well, their home is in Virginia, too -- but it's the same difference). It must be awful not to feel safe to even go to your car and drive down the street! And the kids -- how hard it must be to send them off to school every day???

Okay, I'm off to bathe. I have a much-needed hair appointment today. I put it off on purpose so I'd look good for Saturday.

At least Marilyn and I did find some outfits to wear over the weekend. Options. (smile) It's a dress affair, so!

Wish these allergies would give me a break. (sigh)

Welcome back, Evamaria shirasade! Glad you had such a nice trip!

Hello to all our friends who might be reading. (How is Joey doing, Debra debrajoy? How are you doing, for that matter?)

And I wonder where Mary is lately... ?

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