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Ants. Yes, Again.

Well, I probably shouldn't be complaining as hard as I am (smile), considering I haven't had to deal with them since this past March.

Interestingly enough, I can see from my journal that I had the same damn problem last July -- right around this same time! Okay, is that supposed to be telling me something, or what?

I don't think it's associated with hot weather, frankly. It just hasn't been that hot here in Portland recently! In fact, this is apparently one of our wettest Julys ever (well, on record). (ugh)

I'm pretty amused by the fact that my entry from last July 27 (2006) seems to very much mirror the current year. I don't know why I'm surprised, though! Every year the festival has a Summer Board Meeting in July -- and the Staff Picnic right after.

By the way, I was going on about the Mr. Clean 'Magic Eraser' in the entry I just linked -- but apparently I didn't continue to keep it in mind myself! But last week I took two black marks off the wall in the entry way near the front door -- and they'd been there forever! Thanks to the 'Magic Eraser' I managed it! Plus there was a terrible newsprint stain on the hardwood floor nearby that I'd tried using everything on to remove (all my usual floor cleaning products and wood oil, etc.). Again, the 'Magic Eraser' was the victor! Who knew???

Anyway, I've been up working on the ant situation since 7:30 a.m. (it's now going on 8:30). Marilyn mistressmarilyn is off to The Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon -- at the base of the west slope of Mt. Hood. The festival is having a Staff Retreat there today -- so they can discuss the recent changes (mainly staff layoffs), plus future plans of the association.

It's time to move on, as far as I'm concerned. I'm as sad as the next person to see friends being laid off. But blaming Jeff isn't a solution -- and it isn't fair, either!

I guess if you're a current staff member who wasn't laid off -- and you can't deal with the way things are now -- then it's time for you to look into new employment.

In other words, either get over the loss and get a team attitude, or go away.

This isn't the first time the festival has had layoffs, after all. It's not personal. It's not intended to be unkind. I heard (though I can't confirm) that the severance packages were generous.

The festival lost a major amount of money (again) this year. What else could be done?

Of course, I've been laid off before -- who hasn't at some point in their life? How you deal with things like being laid off is important. And layoffs can benefit people, too.

Anyway, keeping a bad attitude isn't going to help the situation -- nor is placing blame and trying to undermine the people running the festival.

Until the announcements were made, Marilyn and I had no idea for sure whether or not she might be one of the people losing her job... It just is what it is.

Marilyn did write (email) her friend Adrian yesterday and mention that she had even more respect for her, in light of the current situation. After all, Adrian and Dani were both laid off -- and dealt with it beautifully! They still have a great relationship with the festival and the people who run it, by the way.

Anyway, I'd love to see things settle down soon...

Just for fun, I'll share some The Resort at the Mountain photos under the cut...

The Resort at the Mountain

Mt. Hood

The Resort at the Mountain - golf course and scenery

The Resort at the Mountain - golf course and scenery

For those who are unfamiliar with Oregon, Mt. Hood is truly a beautiful mountain!

Mt. Hood viewed from Trillium Lake
Mt. Hood, viewed from Trillium Lake

Marilyn and I drive there frequently, just as we drive up the Columbia River Gorge frequently.

In fact, we drove up to Maryhill Museum just yesterday! We went up the Washington side part of the way. We didn't go inside the museum (we rarely do), but we did go over and hang out in the wonderful sunshine (!!!) -- and I took photos of peacocks (yet again).

We are so very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country. We count those blessings every single day -- and I mean that.

One of these days I need to finally share my many (many, many) photos of Maryhill Museum, which is hard to simply describe without images...

Actually, I really need to download recent photos I've taken, period! I have pictures from the American Idol Concert (on Saturday night), the Lone Fir Cemetery event and on and on and on. (smile)

Well, I'd better get back to dealing with the (damn) ants!

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