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Mother Nature? What Up?

I need to make some new icons. My current icon situation is driving me bugshit. (heh)

We're expecting 87° weather today. (yikes)

Doesn't sound that hot to many of you?

Granted, it's not rivaling 100° heat -- or even close. But our recent weather has been rainy and cooler. So the transition is a bitch. That's all there is to it...

At least it's supposed to be dry heat. We've been having muggy weather that's been maddening.

We went to Dick's house for our Writing Circle last night, which was very nice. From what we saw of the house, it's very nice. And the yard??? Wow. I'm speechless. It's a damn park. No lie. I can't recall how much land Dick said they had, but I do remember the word 'acre' coming into play...

Sister Sue wants me to go along to the Super Wal-Mart. I'd love to go, but I'm not too sure how Marilyn mistressmarilyn will feel about that. (heh)

Sue and Nicole (Sue's granddaughter) would also like to go to lunch at Elmer's, which sounds like fun to me. (I'd like to have German Pancakes, which I've only ever had one time -- but they're fabulous! You eat them topped with fresh squeezed lemon juice and powdered sugar -- which sounds gross but tastes divine!)

I'm supposed to be working on the PowerPoint presentation for tomorrow night, though...

Speaking of, I'm disappointed I don't get to attend the Summer Board Meeting, which at one point was supposedly a done deal. Oh well. There are only two people attending who aren't on the Board or Staff, so it's certainly not personal (which I realize). But I can't help being disappointed, even so.

Just talked to Marilyn who was fine with me shopping -- as long as I don't put it on my credit card! (It's very high right now, I'm afraid.) I've got cash, so all is good. (I'll take out more, just to be safe...)

Must. Buy. Coffee! This morning I went to open the coffee Marilyn brought home from the festival (the Centennial blend), and it was BEANS. We don't even own a grinder anymore, because I'm not crazy about trying to grind my own. So sister Sue will get those! But I'm drinking a very weak cup of coffee -- all that was left made into a pot. (grin)

Anyway, I need to dash and get ready!

But before I go, I must say:
I missed you yesterday, LJ!!!

Yes. I'm officially addicted to LJ. Even an hour without it when I want to be here is hell. I mean that.

Have to dash!

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