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Lazy, Perfect Day!

We did nothing today.


Neither Marilyn mistressmarilyn nor I did anything other than goof off today...

Okay, I made a turkey rice casserole for dinner. And scrambled eggs and bacon for brunch. But I didn't even do more than rinse the dishes and load (but not run) the dishwasher.

We played Zuma. And Marilyn played Slingo late tonight with sister Sue. And some Civ, too -- which she hasn't played in ages!

I read and loved the cats and watched TV. We both watched TV while doing other things...

No laundry. No work for the festival. No cleaning. Nothing.

We didn't work on our writing, either.

The weather here sucked, so there was no desire to go out and run errands, work in the yard, go for a ride or play tennis.

And you know what? It was a perfect day! We aren't lazy very often, but it's really nice now and then. And this was nice.

I started to make some new icons and then blew that off, too. (grin)

Well, it's now 1:30 a.m. Henry Tudor kitten is sleepy. Marilyn is sleepy. I'm sleepy. Hopefully Colin Kitty is sleepy, too. I think I'll head to bed.

You know, we might spend tomorrow the same way...

Yeah, I need to work. We both need to write. There are chores and errands that need doing. But after the past six+ months, we earned a few days exactly like today. No guilt! I kid you not.

We've talked out the Harry Potter book a ton. It doesn't matter if I like it or not -- we're always more invested in the fic, anyway. That's been true the whole time, so why should it change now?

I'll probably discuss my reasons sometime down the road -- when it's less of an issue of spoiling. But if you're among those who love it, good for you. There's room for both love and hate here.

The fic is already out there, by the way! Hard to believe, but true.

Anyway, as I said, I'm heading for bed now. (yawn)

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