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Appointment with Doctor Stephens -- And Harry Potter Mania!

We went to get our manicures (full sets, to be exact!) this morning.

Actually, we first went to the office -- I signed the special framed photo for Leslie -- she'll have it presented to her next Thursday night. I also gave Jeff a hug. (He had tears in his eyes. I told him I was behind him 100% -- as always.)

Then I phoned for an appointment -- we got an 11:00 appointment, so went right over. I had a much-needed pedicure from Phoung, and then my new full set (French). Marilyn mistressmarilyn got her manicure. It took almost as long as me getting both done, for whatever reason...

Then we came home briefly before going to my 2:30 doctor appointment.

Dr. Stephens is such a cool guy! Anyway, he did burn off a bunch of my skin tags while I was there -- plus the thing on my back, whatever it was. And he told me what to do about the rest of them (to avoid needing to see anyone about them). He looked at my heel, checked over my chart and discussed my general health and the whole nine yards. They've gone almost 100% computerized now, which is pretty cool.

After getting it done it hurt, but tonight (well, early Saturday morning now!) it feels fine.

All that aside, we decided to go see "Harry Potter: OotP" again tonight. So we went to the 10:00 p.m. showing in Vancouver. Marilyn had used her 'Regal' card enough to get a free movie -- but then we get there and find out that "Harry Potter" isn't included, so she had to pay! She gave me a 'Regal' gift card she'd been given for her bday, so I used that to get in free.

So not fair that she didn't get the free movie! (But isn't it sweet that she gave it to me?)

Yes -- we left before the movie ended to head over the Jantzen Beach mall to get the book. It took not quite an hour and a half in line to get it. What a crowd and what a line!

Anyway, I promise not to spoil -- but yes, we do know who dies...

(All I will say is that it's far more than merely the two people I'd heard in advance! That surprised me, anyway...)

Oh! And I had my first-ever massage here at the house last night. Another ouch, actually. Amanda worked on the left side of my neck (my vertigo problem area) -- and at one point I had a terrible kink in my back that she had to work out. She showed me some stretches to do and told me to ice afterwards, so I wouldn't feel bruised today.

Yes, I iced like mad, even though it's a pain to do it...

I hurt all over and felt icky afterwards -- but I also felt the magic of her hands, both during and after the massage. I'm sore right now, but it's certainly worth it.

So now I'm having a soda and getting ready to play some Zuma on the computer. I imagine we'll head to bed at some point. (smile)

Nice first day of a four-day weekend -- one Marilyn has really earned, let me tell you!

I need to do some work over the weekend (seriously!!!), but that's okay. And we need to write, as our Writing Circle is meeting next Tuesday night -- at Dick's house this time.

That reminds me that I need to email Liz (Dick's wife) back -- she sent me the nicest email! She said:

I appreciate the life-force you bring to all around you. I'm looking forward to having you and Marilyn here next week for writer's circle ... even though I don't have anything written yet. It's been such a gift to Dick to inspire him to begin writing the stories I've always known were in him. Thanks for that! See you soon.
On that note, off to play Zuma!
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