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Not Again! Fic Writers, Take Note...

Just when I was so excited about the announcement of some positive changes here at LJ, I come across THIS!

If you're writing fan fic that includes any UNDERAGE characters, then you've got a problem, it appears. (sigh)

I'm going under the cut to discuss this. If you feel you'll be offended by my personal views, then please don't read. I don't think anyone can believe I support the idea that you must be 18 to be mature or an adult, if you know me at all. And hypocrisy always bothers me, frankly -- and I think this country can be so damned hypocritical about sex. (sigh)

So I guess underage fic writers are screwed!

And I suppose that means no one can mention writing underage fic and posting it other places either -- right?

Come on -- since when is FICTION (fan fic) the same as fact???

Here's the kicker:

CLARIFICATION: Not all content describing underage sexuality is in violation of our policies (or of United States law). Rather, using LJ to distribute "obscene" content (as defined by the Miller Test) is illegal. If it qualifies as obscene, and if it involves minors (people under the age of 18), then it's not allowed.

I have so many issues with this that I can't even begin to state them. But why bother? The United States is so ridiculous about any sexually-related issues.

And I've already stated more than once that I think it's just foolish that we treat anyone under the age of 18 as being incapable of making decisions or behaving in a mature fashion, totally aside from the sexual implications.

So, I guess no one under 18 has sex, huh?

My best friend and my mother were both married at 16, so you tell me... But, hell, maybe people were more mature then -- you think? Considering how I tease friend June about how naive she is even now, I somehow doubt it...

Well, I'm too upset about other things to give this any more of my angst today.

Thanks, LJ. You've done it again... (ugh)

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