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Festival Layoffs... (sigh)

We knew that there were changes coming. And, yeah, we figured it would mean losing staff members.

Hell, Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I even speculated that it might be HER getting laid off...

You never know, after all.

Anyway, it's a done deal now, I guess. We're losing part of our amazing TEAM.

I've been crying, because I love the festival staff (team) -- and I wish I could be there with them today. It's very hard being here at home while it's happening. Thankfully they won't just be 'gone' after today -- so I'll get to say goodbye to my friends (and co-workers). I've been a lot of places where being laid off meant you left that day and didn't come back again, after all...

Marilyn must feel terrible. Hell, I imagine everyone feels terrible about this! All the work EVERYONE put in for the Centennial -- with long hours every day and long weeks over months and even years. (sigh)

It's not going to be the same.

I know we'll need to muster our resources and stick together and move forward. It's just hard. Very hard.

I'm wishing the best for the four people who were laid off today. They're all talented, incredibly skilled and very special people -- so I believe they'll have no trouble finding new and exciting employment. I'll be praying hard that they do exactly that as soon as possible.

And I know the festival will manage. The organization has survived so many difficult periods during the 100 years it's been around, after all.

Change is hard. But I'm sure we'll make lemonade out of these lemons -- somehow...

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