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I Love My Life. Really! I Do...

I love my life...

...but some weeks I really don't love doing the garbage and recycling. (sigh)

Okay, as I was doing it, I kept reminding myself just how important it is that it gets done each week. It's far from glamorous -- but hell, much of the work we do in life isn't anything about glamour!

Somebody has to take out garbage and clean the toilets and vacuum the floors, after all. Which is why I say we should never look down on anyone who does those things as a job! I certainly don't want to start doing these things at the office, as well as at home... (grin)

It's been a rough week already -- and it's only Wednesday! Okay, technically it's Thursday -- at nearly 4:30 a.m. But you get my drift.

We've got another hard day to go before we get our long weekend. Hopefully we won't need to work this weekend...

Marilyn mistressmarilyn is dead to the world. Or she was, until I woke her while doing the weekly chore! I couldn't help it. I'd been being quiet, but then I dumped out a waste basket -- and Henry Tudor cat promptly jumped in! It's one of those deep, office-style black numbers. We have them all over the house, actually. (Thank you, Costco!) I laughed out loud because he looked so damn cute -- and because when Colin Kitty was a kitten, he used to do the same damn thing!!!

I didn't think he'd be able to get out unless he tipped it over, so I carefully lifted him out. Then I was sitting laughing in a chair, breaking down a box for recycling. Marilyn woke (she was asleep on the sofa, as usual) and I told her about it. And the next thing I know, he's run over and jumped in again! And then he quickly jumped right out -- probably to show me he could.

We're so delighted with how well he's doing. There's still something wrong with one (or both) hind legs, but he's jumping -- and walking -- much better now. And growing like a weed! And he's taught himself tricks to get up on things. He takes a running start to jump up on sofas and chairs, for example. (Though he sometimes still drags himself up.) And he's the king (grin) of finding ways to jump up on something as a step or stair, in order to get on something tall (like my bed). Clever boy!

It feels hot in the house to me right now. I've been out in the cool night air, so I'm sure that's the answer...

I haven't been recording the actual work I've been getting done. And I need to be much, much better about recording my hours in the future! Much better. (sigh)

Anyway, I had to trade out all the Image Shack photos I'd put up for the STORY BLOG over at OregonLive.Com -- because way too many of them seemed to constantly 'disappear' for no reason! Our LiveJournal version of the STORY BLOG is a Permanent account, so now I'm hosting all the photos there, instead -- for use in both blogs. But what a lot of work to swap them all out!

I still far prefer the way LJ works, compared to using MovableType at OL.Com, believe me! I seriously think we don't know how damn lucky we are here!!! I do, though -- because I've got that constant comparison...

Tom has been laid up with gout, poor baby! Summer is his busy season, too. Hopefully he'll enjoy his vacation -- he's certainly earned it.

Well, there's tons of other stuff I could say, but I should go to bed for a couple hours...

Oh -- I almost forgot! Amanda is coming tomorrow night to give Marilyn a massage, here at the house. It really helped her bad shoulder a ton the last time.

I'm thinking of having her do my neck, on the left side. (Where I get my knots and headaches that seem to go over into vertigo.)

And Friday we're getting (much needed) manicures again! (I might also get a pedicure, while we're there.)

Life is good!

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