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Busy Week. What? It's Only Wednesday? You're Kidding, Right?

It was exactly midnight by my watch as we pulled into our garage here at home, coming back from the festival office...

Much of yesterday I was working on my own deadline project -- but at the office, Marilyn mistressmarilyn was working on her part of the festival's Pinnacle Award submissions.

She just got done with financial flash reports (barely, I guess) by that deadline -- then went straight to trying to finish up the all-important Pinnacle submissions...

I was working here at home -- and through phone calls, I knew that Marilyn planned to work as late as possible to try and complete things.

So I called sister Sue and we decided to do what we'd done before and go to our fave Mexican restaurant and get take-out.

I got Marilyn's order and Sue's and phoned it all in -- then Marilyn had me bring her some things from home (like her comfy warm-up pants to change into) and we headed out.

I won't go into the nightmare that was both ordering and then picking up the food. They have too many non-English-speaking workers now, who can barely take down an order. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those anti-immigrant people at all -- far from it. (It's something I go around and around about with my friend June, as a matter of fact!) But it's frustrating when the order is taken down wrong, even though I've carefully repeated it numerous times on the phone... (sigh)

The no longer sell take-out soft drinks, so we had to go to Plaid Pantry to get Marilyn her much-coveted fountain pop! Then we were off and running to the office...

Sue stayed to eat at the 'lunch room' table. We three stuffed ourselves and then Sue took off -- I stayed to help Marilyn were I could.

Oooo! I'm excited that my Story Blog project (that I've been working on like mad again this week) -- "Tell Us Your Story" -- has been submitted for an award! I hope it wins! (And if it does win, I'm going to be so damn proud...)

We're going for the Grand Pinnacle Award this year -- and should have a good chance of winning it. So I really want Marilyn to attend IFEA this coming September. She hasn't been in years and years and never used to miss one. (I've been a couple of times, too, for that matter -- in both New Orleans and Las Vegas.) It's in Atlanta, so we can't use our 'free' (earned) Southwest tickets to fly there, which I'd suggested. I'd go along in a heartbeat, if it made any sense at all -- which it doesn't without the free airfare! The festival can't afford to pay my airfare, though, that's for sure.

But I want Marilyn to be there -- and picking up any awards we win this year! She deserves that honor!

So, as part of working on the Pinnacles, I finally dubbed my first DVD last night. I needed to take a DVD we'd been given by KGW TV Channel 8 (our local NBC affiliate) and see if I could make a copy. I couldn't do that, exactly, but I did manage to burn it to DVD, anyway. The vocals aren't perfectly aligned, but who cares? It's an overview DVD of their Centennial festival coverage (just under 10 minutes long) -- and Marilyn wants it to be submitted with the Grand Pinnacle package... (It's a very cool DVD, by the way!)

Oh!!! And it uses one of my personal graphics for the GFP broadcast!!!

This was something Marilyn had mentioned to me, but I'd never confirmed until yesterday. She came home at one point to do some work here that couldn't be done in the office. So she was playing the DVD of the parade and I'm watching and sure enough -- there was my graphic used over and over again during the parade coverage! Marilyn had told me she thought it was mine, but she needed me to look to be certain.

Even though I knew it right away, I pulled the same graphic up on my computer so she could look at it and we could compare it. There was no mistaking my work, believe me!

Here's a (very) small version of what it looks like:
Charlie's PowerPoint background #4

So how did they get access to my graphic, you may ask? Good question!

Back when I was doing all the PowerPoint presentations for Marilyn's many (many) festival speaking engagements, I made a bunch of custom backgrounds. The amusing thing is that I didn't do anything I don't do all the time when making wallpapers and icons. But the 'back' I shared above was especially popular, so I used it many times -- and people besides Marilyn who had speaking engagements on behalf of the festival started to use my PowerPoint Slides, too.

Anyway, various PowerPoint presentations that we'd created (we had a couple basic versions that we changed to suit each engagement) were on Marilyn's hard drive at work. Joe -- the man who produces the GFP broadcast for Marilyn -- came in at one point and wanted to download a bunch of historical images to use. (That's another on-going project I've been heavily involved with, as I've mentioned before -- researching and gathering festival history, especially images.)

He brought in a flash drive and used it to download a bunch of stuff -- and that apparently included the PowerPoint presentations!

As an aside, I've received so damn many kudos for those PP presentations this past year. It's almost embarrassing. Almost, but I'm too proud of the work to be embarrassed by the excessive praise. (grin)

It's quite the thing to sit and see my graphic immortalized in the Centennial GFP parade broadcast, I must admit!

Just another amazing moment in a year full of amazing moments...

Anyway, I need to get back to work! I've still got that deadline looming. The goal was to have up 200 shared memories before the Summer Board Meeting, but I don't know that it's going to happen. Many of the submissions just aren't ready to post. I've got numerous emails out to gather the info I need, but it's possible I won't get responses in time.

And then yesterday the blogging area at OregonLive.Com was unavailable most of the day!

I don't know whether to blame OregonLive.Com, or Six Alive. Yes, isn't it ironic that Six Alive owns and operates MovableType Enterprise, which is what OregonLive.Com uses for blogging??? (heh) MovableType should wish it was as easy and immediate to use as LiveJournal! Complain all you want about LJ, but once you've used something like MovableType to blog you suddenly realize that we've got a damn good thing here!

Hopefully I won't have the same issues today, so I can get a larger number of entries up! I'm only at 158 right now. I'd like to be far closer to 200, anyway...

And I need to blog another exciting thing that happened to me yesterday, if I can find the time...

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