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Henry Tudor Cat is Trouble!

So I was working on my STORY BLOG project today -- and making some headway, too!

But one little cat wasn't very happy that I didn't have time to pay more attention to him...

I used to have an issue with Colin Kitty in our home office, too. He was always going under and behind our computer tables -- where the cords are, mind you -- and also behind the printer unit. (sigh) At one point I even totally rearranged the furniture to try and avoid letting him do it. I'd yell at him and say "No!" in a loud, mean voice -- and even spray him with the water bottle. Again and again and again.

This is 'old news' -- because Colin's now a 'good boy' and doesn't do that anymore. I guess I'm mentioning it to remind myself that I've been there before, back when Colin was just a kitten.

One of the things he'd do that was very, very bad was turning off Marilyn's mistressmarilyn surge protector -- which meant he'd turn off her computer! It wasn't pretty when she lost things as a result of that! Anyway, I had to rig a metal/wire box we had to fit over the surge protector and keep him from accessing the on/off button. (grin)

Today I was holding Henry (the demanding little Prince that he is) in my lap several times while I worked. But at one point he bit my leg (!!!) -- breaking the skin -- so I put him down. Big mistake!

Within ten minutes he was under the computer playing and being annoying. The next thing I know I lose my connection to the internet. My first thought had been that Henry had pulled a cord loose. No such luck (if you can call that luck)! I discover that he'd actually been chewing on the cord that sends power to the router -- and chewed through it!

I scold him and the whole routine -- and shoo him out of the office. Now I've got a serious dilemma -- what do I do so we can get our connection back???

I phoned Donn (my computer tech) and he told me to bring the power cord unit in and he'd fix it. No small feat. I phone sister Sue who drives over to take me there. (It's too hot to ride my bike there today, I'm afraid.) I race around getting dressed and pulled together. (I'd been working from the minute I got up, only breaking to make coffee, get more coffee and go to the bathroom -- so I wasn't dressed and didn't have my hair combed!)

An hour later the problem is solved and I've got the connection back.

But when Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I were talking it over, we had some serious concerns. What if he gets in the habit of chewing cords? It might have been funny in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" when the cat got fried chewing the cord of the tree lights, but it's not so funny in real life! He could not only injure or kill himself, but he could also start a house fire...

We talked about how there's only two places we could potentially shut him up if need be while we're not home -- which are the two bathrooms. Even then we'd have to unplug things...

Hopefully this won't happen again -- and we're both going to watch him and work with him to make sure. But it's a big pain that he likes to chew things.

He already chewed the cover (admittedly soft) of a pillow -- one that was full of tiny beads that got all over! It was a pillow we both like to use under our necks when lying down to avoid neck strain. So much for that...

Obviously it's also a very bad thing when a cat bites people! I had serious cat bites years back, and they're no small matter.

Part of the problem seems to be the fact that Henry likes to lick and bite in an affectionate way -- akin to nursing. Poor baby! He was taken away from his mommy too damn soon.

Indy was a biting cat, too -- and for the most part we managed to get him over it. So I'm sure things will work out. But today Henry Tudor Cat is in the doghouse (if you'll excuse the expression!) -- and might need to be closed out of the office when he gets under foot... (sigh)

At least fixing the problem was fairly simple. I think otherwise we would have had to buy an entirely new router! And Donn did an amazing job...

Well, I'd better get back to work. It's almost 6:30 p.m. now.

Tomorrow we go to the Oregon Country Fair!!! We'll get to see Jessica and are planning to meet up with friend (and co-worker) Penny (she of the Centennial blanket fame). I can't wait!

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