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On Tuesday (yes, yesterday -- so why does it seem so long ago?), sister Sue and I took clothes and a fan (still in the box) to cousin Linda. She's currently staying at a trailer park on Killingsworth with her daughter, Katie. (Katie bought a single-wide unit after she got the final installment of her settlement. She was in a serious auto accident as a child...)

Considering our current local heat wave, they were both glad to see that fan!

The thing you have to remember about Portland is that probably the majority of the homes here don't even have in the window air conditioners, much less central air. Sue called off the weekly cribbage group for Thursday night because the place where they play doesn't have air and was hot last week -- prior to the current high temperatures. So we're really not prepared to deal with mid-90 to low 100 degree heat here. (My friend Shari wrote me an email talking about bringing out her fans and wishing she had more ceiling fans...)

Linda needed the clothes because she's put on some weight and was starting work today (well, Wednesday) -- and she didn't have anything to wear. Anyway, she was pleased to have the clothes!

Today I worked on the two versions of the festival's STORY BLOG -- the one at OregonLive.Com and the other here at LJ! I did some tweaking of the appearance, as well as actually putting up a couple of entries.

Then at noon I got a hair cut. Later today I forced myself to get in and color my hair. It looks good now, thankfully! Curly (I have natural curl) and my normal deep red.

I had one hell of a time getting myself to do the garbage and recycling this evening. I was cranky after my nap and it was hot! It's currently 82' in the upstairs (where I'm sitting typing this), though admittedly it's far cooler downstairs. I guess it's in the high 60's outside right now (it's right around 1:30 a.m.).

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has been having a tough week. Long, long hours without breaks and just grueling work. Plus a few issues. I should go into those at some point, but not right now (it's time for bed here)...

Anyway, we're looking forward to the Oregon Country Fair this weekend -- and loved seeing "Harry Potter: OotP" last night! (We might go see it again soon. Marilyn has a free movie from her Regal points!)

Maybe tomorrow I'll get time to actually read here at LJ -- and comment! It's just been so busy lately. (Whine, whine. Heh.)

I think we'll have to go into the office this weekend, at least one day. But that's okay! Whatever it takes to get the work done!

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