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Vertigo? I Don't Think So...

I suddenly had to run to the bathroom and throw up this afternoon. Several times, actually. It was unexpected and violent. I phoned Marilyn mistressmarilyn at work to tell her and had to get off the phone in the middle of talking to her to rush to the bathroom again. (sigh)

I hadn't had much to eat today, to tell the truth. A couple spoonfuls of peanut butter in the morning and some pistachio nuts in the afternoon. It might have been food poisoning, I guess, but I don't think so.

Marilyn had me take a Meclizine, so after that I just was lying around doped up and sleepy, holding baby Henry Tudor Kitten on my lap... That med (my Vertigo medication) puts a person right to sleep usually. I did doze off at one point, I think. I was lying on the sofa in the living room.

At one point Colin brings me a yellow mouse. We play fetch and I toss it and it goes under the TV entertainment unit. I go and start digging underneath to try and pull it out. In the process I find this toy that used to be a fave of Indy and April. It's like a small tube of white bunny fur. They used to like me to put catnip on it and they'd lick it off. Maybe it had a catnip smell, I don't know.

Anyway, Colin is all over that toy! He starts packing it around. But now he's making the weirdness noise I've ever heard a cat make! I was calling it the 'Mountain Lion' sound. So I had to phone Marilyn at work and have her listen. It was a freaky, freaky noise. He made it over and over again.

When she got home (after a 13-hour day with no breaks, by the way), she made me take it away from him. She said he needed to go 'cold turkey' and give it up. Clearly he needs kitty rehab. (grin)

I'm behind reading (and commenting to) my friends. Maybe I'll get a chance to catch up tomorrow, I don't know. I've got tons of work to do, but I feel crummy, so...

I have a major work deadline I've been working on and need to keep working on. So I have to try to avoid too much screwing off online right now. (smile) No more messing with icons, writing tutorials and stuff like that until I get on top of my work. (sigh) It's okay -- I just need to buckle down again. It was nice having a week to just rest, mostly.

Oh, Henry is much better, by the way! He's almost completely over his sniffles.

The Fourth of July and vaca both officially ended today, by the way. As I already mentioned, Marilyn went back to work this morning (and worked a long, hard day). Here at home I took down all our many, many Fourth of July decorations and packed them up until next year. We can't complain too much about the end of vacation, seeing as Marilyn will now be working four-day weeks as a rule. Maybe not this week, with IFEA Pinnacle Awards to prepare for, among many other tasks. But July is the official start of her four-day weeks!

We're going to the Oregon Country Fair for the first time ever this coming weekend. Marilyn's seasonal assistant this year -- and our friend -- Jessica works there every year. We've already bought three-day tickets, but will probably only go for one day (we're thinking Saturday at this point, but who knows???).

We're expecting a short heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest this week. It's supposed to be a record high tomorrow -- they're saying it might reach 102'. That's incredible for Portland. We simply don't get that kind of heat here! (I guess I won't be riding my bike to get my hair cut this week. Especially with my Vertigo acting up...) Thankfully it's only supposed to last a few days!

Oh! I forgot to mention that cousin Linda is back home again. She arrived on the Fourth of July. Of course she's already borrowed money from us. (sigh) We don't want to get into that habit again, but what could we say? She needed help and we helped out...

Sister Sue went to Reno this past weekend for a cribbage tournament. She used the airline ticket we gave her for her birthday. She didn't do very well with her cribbage, but said she had a good time, anyway.

Sue's daughter Candy passed her tests with flying colors, so she's now an assistant manager at work. Hopefully she'll like it. Her daughter, Nicole, has one more week of school before summer break. (She goes to year-round school.)

Daniel Radcliffe is on Jay Leno right now. It just reminds me how excited we are to see the new movie! And to read the final book in the series, too...

I'm keeping my friends here in my thoughts and prayers. Some of you really need special attention right now -- and I'm trying to send special wishes your way. (You know who you are!) I think I'll spend some extra time on my prayers tonight...

I'm out of Cheetos! I guess it matters mostly because I'm nauseous again from the Vertigo. (ugh) I don't know what the thing is with Cheetos, but Sue is right -- you can eat them even when you feel sick as a dog... I doubt Frito Lay realizes that Cheetos are practically medicinal! (grin)

I have photos to share when I get around to downloading them. I've been bad about that the last month or so...

Time for bed. I'm knocked out and doubt I'm making much sense! (yuck) I've got that weird headache I get with Vertigo. I hope it goes away soon... (So far no actual Vertigo, though -- so that's good!)

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