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IMPORTANT!!! LiveJournal Viewing Schemes!

I'd STRONGLY advise all of my friends to quickly add this entry to your personal Memories here at LiveJournal.

The following is the link to the now-hidden viewing schemes:

Many thanks to friend rahalia_cat and this entry -- which tells all the 'Updates/Enhancements' (to quote burr86 at lj_releases) currently going on at LiveJournal.

I've been warning about this forever and a day, so I guess I shouldn't be so upset about it. (sigh) But though I've tried the new viewing schemes each time one has been released, I just don't like them. I end up returning to (my beloved) Dystopia every single time. (Perhaps one of these days I should simply sit down and explain why I prefer it so much over the new schemes...)

Well, once I saw that the hiding didn't mean I couldn't use Dystopia (for now, anyway), I did calm down a bit. But I wish LJ wasn't constantly adding drama and stress to my life. I mean, it's supposed to be a positive aspect, isn't it??? (sigh)

Some of you will think I'm over-reacting, I'm sure. But it's all about ease of use. And I'm in LJ all the time, now for work as well as fun and friendship. So I hate to make things harder on myself -- or to have LJ do that for me...

Clearly we can rant all we want about this, the decision has been made and appears to be a 'done deal,' complaints not withstanding.

I don't want to get back to my whole ageism argument about LJ, but I do have to wonder if it sometimes comes back to that. This quote bothers me: A lot of people still use it, but it's still in the far minority.

I guess the rebel in me hates the 'majority rules' mentality. The majority of users are under 30. I have to believe that the majority of users are also using Plus or Basic accounts -- meaning non-paid accounts. I'm fascinated that it seems like those of us with Paid accounts (yes, I'm including Permanent accounts here) are frequently the ones bitching about these changes. (Or am I wrong about that?)

Forgive my rant. I'm sure I'll deal when I get used to it!

Damn you, LJ. (grin)
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