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Rafa Won!

Rafa won his match in five long sets. Go, Rafa!

Why, yes, I was up until 3 a.m. -- and up again at 6 a.m. (grin) Sounds like the festival days all over again, doesn't it?

I'm holding baby Henry in my lap as I type this. He's dozing off, because he's a baby and he's pooped out!

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has headed back for more ZZZZZZZZZ -- and I'm going there soon, too. We just had to see the end of the Nadal match so we knew the outcome.

Cute thing this morning, by the way! I was on the bed and Colin was sleeping on his bean-baggie-type-pillows that he loves, all curled up. Henry had been curled by me, half under the covers to stay warm. (We'd have the air on so much for the heat yesterday that it was actually cold when we went to bed!

Anyway, I got up to pee, which disrupted the sleeping cats. Colin was stirring, but I got him to lie down again on his pillows. Then Henry got up and wouldn't let me settle him back down. He went and did the 'chicken sit' on the spread, staring over at Colin. Finally he walked up and curled up half on top of Colin, facing him! It was just darling.

Colin's initial reaction was to bite Henry -- but I petted and praised him and he settled down and began to purr. So then both cats were curled up and dozing and purring -- cute as bugs.

It looks like they're headed toward being friends, slowly but surely! They've been playing together sometimes, too, now that both are feeling better.

No. They're not entirely well yet. (sigh) Colin's close to it, though. And Henry's better than he was, by far.

By the way, he was very cute with all the visitors last evening/night. And he slept soundly in Jim's lap for ages, which was sweet.

Well, I'm ready for some more 'winks' before facing the day...

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