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Happy Fourth of July!

Just a quick greeting for all my American friends!

We had sister Sue and neighbors June and Jim here -- and both cats stayed upstairs with us the entire time!

Many hot dogs, chips and pretzels later, we had plenty to eat. With ice cream and berries for dessert. We had strawberries (from Sue), raspberries (from June and Jim) and blueberries that Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had bought down on Sauvie Island...

Plus raspberry pie from Sue's friend Patsy.

We watched fireworks on TV and then shot off some of our own in front of the house, with other neighbors watching.

It was a hot day and is still in the mid-70's right now.

What a great, great day!

Tags: 2007, fireworks, fourth-of-july, jim, july-2007, june, sister-sue, summer

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