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Sick Babies!

We took Henry to the vet for the very first time yesterday!

Vet Appointment: Thursday, June 28, 2007 -- 3:40 p.m.

We saw the wonderful Dr. McCoy, of course.

Poor little Henry only weighs just over two pounds. Apparently he's suffering from malnutrition and is so underweight that this explains why he's unable to jump up on furniture!

We've already ascertained that the previous owner (horrible creep) abused him, probably kicking him frequently. That's why he acted so weird at first when we'd walk close to him -- he was afraid of our feet!

Both cats (yes, Colin, too) are now sick. (sigh)

I was up much of the night with them -- mainly Henry, though.

Today I purchased a Vick's Waterless Vaporizer at Freddie's. It was $20 and is around the size of a router or modem. Far different from my childhood days, I can tell you! The one Mom had was huge -- but certainly helped me out on many occasions when I was ill...

Anyway, our home office reeks of vapor with the strong scent of Vick's! (smile) I've been holding Henry in my lap and running the vaporizer right beside his little head.

By the way, he's a remarkably good-natured kitty when it comes to treating him. For days I've been putting wash clothes under the tap and making them as hot as I can, then wringing them out and holding the cloth over his little face again and again. It seems to make it easier for him to breathe, and helps his eyes. (He's been having issues with his eyes ever since he got sick.) He hardly ever struggles with me while I do this, even when the cloth is hot. (I'm careful not to make it too hot against him, of course.)

He's been pretty patient about the vaporizer. He doesn't much like the smell, but he puts up with it. Dr. McCoy suggested a vaporizer, so we got one...

And I've also been giving him Cat-Sip Milk, using a dropper to feed him.

I picked up two new types of kitten food for him. He wouldn't eat the first kitten food we bought him and wanted to eat Colin's food. The problem is that he needs the nutrition of kitten food! And Colin's food is for adult cats with weight problems -- cat diet food, in other words. Henry loves it, but it's not giving him the calories and nutrients he needs. (sigh)

I also got them some cat vitamins -- not that I've been able to get either of them to eat them! Annoying as hell, frankly.

Dr. McCoy thinks that one of the reasons Henry wants to be on us or against us all the time is because he's cold. Partly just because he's under-weight and partly because he has a fever.

I can attest to the fever! His hot little body right against mine makes me too warm and has given me some terrible nightmares recently. (I have my worst nightmares when I get too warm while sleeping...)

Colin clearly feels pretty lousy, too. A few minutes ago I was hunting for him and discovered him in lying on my bed -- which is not someplace he normally goes during the day. Maybe he's remembering back when we first got him and he was such a sick little kitten! We kept him shut away in my bedroom where he'd lie on my bed until we took him out. We were constantly 'sneaking' him out. I'm not sure who we were trying to fool, though! The Oregon Humane Society and our vet had told us to keep him shut up until he was better, but it wasn't as if they were here in the house checking to see what we did!

And give me a break! Who are they to tell us to lock him up, anyway???

So this time we never shut Henry away at all. We knew Colin would get sick no matter what we did, just like Kittie Scarlett got sick back when we brought Colin home -- even though we did try to shut him away!

So we'll deal with several weeks of sick cats, I guess.

I just wish poor Henry wasn't so damn sick now. He needs a ton of care. I held him in my lap all day yesterday (and pretty much all day the day before, too). And then I was up and down with him all night last night. (I've done that several nights since we got him, actually.)

Anyway, I'd like to make some Fourth of July (Independence Day) icons to post for seasonal_icons. I'm really (really) out of the habit of making icons, believe it or not! And of posting them. (sigh) So I'm trying to quickly get a few ready, but we'll see how that goes.

It's really hard to work on anything with Henry constantly in my lap...

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