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Illegal Entry!

I'd just like to mention that I was contacted by Jon Dorf regarding my recent blog entry that contained his article about writing plays.

Needless-to-say (I hope!), my intention was certainly not to step on toes or do anything illegal. I might have a reputation for being something of a rebel now and then, but I'm a remarkably law-abiding one, just for the record.

I've removed the offensive entry and will avoid repeating that mistake again.

I always (always) make a point of linking my sources when I share articles here -- something that I'm personally adamant about. (I've known many, many bloggers who never share a source and I feel that's entirely wrong. I'm not out to ever claim written material as my own when it's clearly by another individual.)

Perhaps it's best to avoid the situation entirely...

So why do I tend to include full articles here inside my blogs on the rare occasions that I include one? Good question... Let me try and explain.

Here's the thing I've discovered again and again -- I link and link and most people (probably 90% or more) will never use those links. Why am I so certain? Because I do it in emails I send out on behalf of the festival all the time, trying to get the individuals I send emails to go and check the original source -- which they don't. (I can't even get my older sister Sue or my best friend June to follow those links -- and I include a minimum of three per every email!)

People reading in any given venue (LiveJournal, Yahoo! Groups, MySpace and so on) tend to want to stay there and read there, links not withstanding. Is that wrong? I think so, because the original authors always deserve credit for their work. Plus the original website deserves credit, as well!

But were I the author in question, I'd personally prefer to have my writing read, I guess. I suppose it'd different when where talking about books, but the world is changing so fast that maybe that's no longer true, either. My friends here all know that I frequently write lengthy tutorials and share them without thought of where they'll end up, frankly. (And each one takes several hours to do.) Okay, tutorials aren't great writing, by any means. But there's a lot of work there, even so...

Hey, not that it matters what I think! That doesn't make it right or legal, after all.

Of course, I'd be pretty pissed if I found my tutorials posted without my name on them. But that's another story... (grin)

I've treaded these areas carefully much of my life, considering the fact that I'm a fanfic author (among other works). Still, I'm not out to take credit for the work of others. Ever. Just so you know!

Well, let's just try to do the right thing -- and sincerely apologize when we don't. Anyway, that's all I can do.

I did so with Mr. Dorf (via email) -- and I now am doing that with all of you.

On that note, I'll now go and tend to my poor sick kitten (Henry). And do the garbage and recycling (as it's heading toward 1 a.m. now).

As for work, I got a lot of work done today on the festival's STORY BLOG (both the OregonLive.Com version and the new archive we set up here at LJ) -- and hope to get a lot more done tomorrow! (I have that deadline looming...)

I'm tired tonight. Long day -- long festival! I took a short nap this evening and had a very bad dream (!!!) that scared the crap out of me! Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight!

I'd love to get back to posting more frequently here. I've got so much I'd like to share. Anyway, that's it for now!
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