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Writing Circle!

Wow, time for another Writing Circle gathering, believe it or not!

So -- did I decide to jump in and show off some of my best writing this time around? (I've really yet to do that.)

Oh no!

Instead -- out of the blue -- I decided to try and write a play.


God knows!

But for some reason it seemed like an appealing idea. (grin)

So in order to do this, I decided I needed a software that helps the author to write in script format. As an aside, no -- I don't need anything like that for the parade scripts I write. They're done in an entirely different format. (Although I can see how the software I found would be useful for other festival scripts, frankly!)

So I started googling for freeware and shareware. Let's just say that scripting softwares are apparently quite expensive (!!!) -- so I was delighted when I located Celtx -- which is Open Source software. (From their FAQ: Can I use Celtx for free? Yes. Celtx is distributed under an open source license, so you can download it, use it, and distribute it for free.

Hurray for Open Source -- and software creators and companies that support it!

And it's so easy to use it's almost a crime. Seriously!

Anyway, I've currently got around 1,200 words. I need 2,000 by tomorrow night. Very do-able. I should be able to finish up today. But if not, that's not much to get done tomorrow, writing-wise.

But speaking of tomorrow, I need to clean the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Not perfectly, but so they aren't terrible, at least.

I also need to do a load of dishes, some laundry and wash my hair (which really needs it).

And I'll be cooking, of course. I'm planning to try making Spaghetti Pie, which I've never tackled before. But it sounds as if the recipe is pretty easy! So I guess we'll see...

I finally was able to find Kraft's new 'Philadelphia Cream Cheese' dessert thing. (For whatever reason, this new product isn't up at their website!) It's a container of cheese cake filling that you simply spoon into crust. To be honest, I've always like to make cheese cake using one of those boxed mixes and a Keebler Ready Crust. Now I don't even have to whip up the mix!

Can you imagine? Easy, easy cheese cake! Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I prefer cheese cake without a topping, so that's what the guys will be getting tomorrow night. I doubt they'll complain. (grin) Hell, they never complain. They're so easy to feed it's not even funny...

I might make shortcakes for the strawberries sister Sue gave us. Which means we need some good old Cool Whip to put on top. (smile) Yeah, yeah, homemade whipped cream is better. It's also more time-consuming and more fattening! So we'll stick with Cool Whip, which we love, anyway...

I also think I'm going to make my own Antipasto tray. We had Antipasto at Amalfi's Friday night. Marilyn and I don't really like to eat there -- we prefer to order a pizza, then have a drink in the bar while waiting to take it to go. But sister Sue has always liked eating there, so we did so. It was freezing cold and the service was bad, so it would have been better to get the pizza to go! But oh well. We do love their pizza. It's one of our faves...

I've got loads of things I can use to make Antipasto, so we'll see how that goes. I thought it would be nice with the Spaghetti Pie!

We've got pretzels for snacking, which is always important. And lots of Corona and Mike's Hard Lemonade (in regular and cranberry) to drink. (grin) Note that I refuse to link the Mike's Hard Lemonade website as I think it sucks big time!!! A flash site that doesn't work well and takes ages to load. (sigh) Will people never learn about those sites that feature too damn much flash??? (ugh)

I'm sure a good time will be had by all, anyway. The sharing of writing aside!

On another note, since my computer crash this past spring, I haven't had Zuma installed.

You know how it goes: I always seem to forget where I've put the info about downloading it again. Which is nothing to finding all the payment info! Order number, name I used, which email I used when registering it. Yada, yada, yada. I'd tried a couple of times, but never had the right combination. I found one email about it, but it wasn't the email I needed! So I was getting emails from Popcap Games saying that they had no record I'd bought it...

Last night I found the info and got my game up and running again! And I'd kept all my 'saved' games -- and had no trouble reinstalling those. Cool! I can play Zuma again. (grin) Marilyn and I both love that game...


And on the game front, we got out a very old, old game that we've had forever -- TriPeaks. It's not fancy or anything, but it's still fun. (smile) Marilyn's playing it as I type this.

Poor little Henry (the new kitten)! He's sick. They don't seem to be able to avoid that at the Oregon Humane Society. (sigh) And, yes, Colin is sneezing now, too.

At least Henry isn't that sick (so far). When we got Colin last year, he was sick as a dog!

By the way, Henry is lying in my lap right this second. Not that he's demanding or anything!
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