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All About Henry! (Our New Kitten)

Time to tell all about Henry Tudor -- the cat, that is!

We had them bring two kittens in to 'visit' with us, a little gray fluff ball named 'Jack' -- and our new boy (under an alias), whom we immediately named Henry (after king Henry Tudor).

Jack was adorable, too, by the way -- spirited and playful as hell. Marilyn mistressmarilyn is always drawn to gray kittens (and cats), so she was very taken with him. But he was full of piss and vinegar (as Mom and Dad always used to say), and we decided he would have torn the house apart, especially when combined with Colin Kitty!

We've never had a 'yellow cat' (orange-ish colored cat) before, believe it or not. And interestingly enough, Henry is just a bit reddish -- rather than really orange. His markings are lovely, with an unusual splash of white on his back.

We went through the whole long, drawn out adoption process. They cut it back quite a bit, due to the fact we'd just adopted Colin last August. They deliberately make the process tedious and lengthy. The theory is that you have plenty of time to 'cool down' and change your mind. If you're willing to wait (and wait and wait), then they figure you're serious about the adoption!

Marilyn had the paperwork done before we even went to see the kittens. She'd grabbed up a clipboard and started writing immediately. So the helper gave us the paperwork for our cat and we took that and the clipboard with the full paperwork over to the front desk.

Then you wait in the lobby until you're called back. You sign a ton more paperwork and have a bunch of things explained to you. Jake helped us. Our only real question regarded the name thing. We told the woman last year that we were going to rename Colin (who had been named 'Eli' by them) -- but it wasn't changed on their computer. We wanted to be sure that was done with Henry!

He asked if we knew what we were naming him and we told him. So he changed it right away. We'll have to do that for the 'chip' people -- but I have to phone them anyway to 'activate' him. (smile)

Happily enough, Henry doesn't seem sick the way poor Colin was when we brought him home. He may be a little sick, but Colin was so terribly ill that we rushed him to the vet the very next day...

As I type this, Henry is sleeping on the spare chair in the office, sleeping. But if he wakes he'll begin to howl. He wants constant -- and I mean constant -- attention! Sweet baby! He really is 'the king,' I must say. (grin)

Colin was very unhappy with the new addition. But he seems to be getting more used to him already. Both cats slept with me last night. Henry under the covers and Colin pressed against my legs. What a deal. I both loved it and was going crazy -- all at the same time. It was a bit too much attention, if you know what I mean...

I never finished the above entry, for whatever reason. I started it on Friday, if you can believe that!

Anyway, I'm going to post it now and just leave it 'as is.' At least it's informative -- sort of. (smile)
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