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Hurry, Hurry! (Must Be Ready When M. Comes at Noon!)

I've got cards picked out for Tom and Estelle (he of the liver transplant).

Okay, I know this isn't very 'Christian' of me, but I had to wonder if he's going to quit drinking now. I've almost never seen him, personally, when he was 100% sober. The interesting thing is that they won't give livers unless they think you're change that habit... I hope (and pray) he's going to 'be good' (at least somewhat) and take care of his new liver.

I have a basket ready for food after I discuss that with Marilyn. (What to send over, that is.)

I've made and taken over two Easter baskets to June's house. One for her to take with her to Condon (to share with her delightful mother Dorothy) and one for her and her husband to have here. (I also got June a stuffed bunny, seeing as she loves them so. LOL.)

I'm waiting to finish 'coddling' my first dozen (plus) eggs so I can start dozen number two. LOL. (I'll probably crack one open to be sure they're actually cooked!)

Still need to bathe and dress for later!

And gather my script materials (etc.) to take in with me to the office to work on!

Rushing, rushing!

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