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Yawn. Many Thank, LJ -- I Needed to Lose More Sleep...

Forgive me if I'm bitter. But I don't know how much longer I can keep my eyes open...

Anyway, I did get my email Inbox down below 100 emails. Quite a bit below, actually! It's currently at 64!

You have to realize that the last month I've had trouble keeping it under 700 emails, due to work. It was totally out of control!

That made it really difficult to find certain things, I have to admit. But I wanted things right there in some cases, so...

What will sound bizarre is that I what actually quick to file anything to do with the GFP script, or the STORY BLOG project! So you can only imagine how many emails I've been getting on a daily basis.

I now totally understand what Marilyn mistressmarilyn means when she talks about all the time spent at work just reading, filing and answering (or otherwise dealing with) her email! And she probably gets five to ten times as much email as I do!

I wish I was as good at email management as she is. She can type so damn fast and think so quick. And the lack of sleep doesn't seem to make her rummy, the way it does me.

The interesting thing was how I'd be using every bit of my energy and mental strength to do the work. But don't ask me the name of any characters from a movie or book, or the names of actors -- even the ones I love! I've been so brain dead for those things it's not even funny. I often sound like I'm babbling when I'm not discussing something strictly work-related.

I guess that's the trade off!

So it's now past 6:00 a.m. and I'm stubbornly sitting here at my computer. It's like watching grass grow to refresh over and over and over again, waiting for the Permanent Account sale to start. (Shit.)

I am not a person who whines about 'being tired,' as a rule. In fact, generally speaking I find that sort of talk offensive and annoying. People seem to do it constantly and seem to think everyone around them should be sympathetic. Excuse me, but I happen to know tons of people who are forced to go without more than a couple hours (or 2-3 hours) of sleep for weeks -- and even months -- at a time. And they don't even bother to mention it, unless it's casual.

So I think I'll apologize for making a big deal out of losing sleep. I'll live. I've managed just fine all during the festival (and long before it), so what's another night?

I just hate it that my level of excitement went down considerably as the night passed by. (sigh) Damn. I was really enjoying waiting with Marilyn.

She gave up hours ago, not that I blame her. As I've said, she's been doing with far less sleep than I have -- and working much harder, too.

Well, I'm about to give up.

The sale will last a week, so what do I care if I'm one of the first to purchase this?

(But I do care. That's the whole problem!)

Get over it, Charlie.

I'm trying to. Honest!


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