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Easter Eggs? How To Cook 'Em!

I've never been that confident about 'hard boiling' eggs for some reason. LOL.

Anyway, for those interested, we shouldn't be actually 'boiling' the eggs at all. Here is how it should be done...

(All those years doing it the way Mom taught me! You just boiled them for ages to be 'sure' they were done. LOL.)

Anyway, I've got my first dozen (plus three more that fit in the pot) on to cook!

We plan to color three dozen, but we bought four. It seems to both of us as if eggs don't have the strong shells they used to! More and more crack in cooking. (That didn't happen as often when we were kids/teens. Seriously! I wonder what it says about the genetics of chickens! Scary thought.)

If I get them done this morning, we'll have the option to color them tonight (after they're fully cooled)--or do them tomorrow...

One of these days (not at Easter!) I should make some deviled eggs. We both love those!

But for now we're both looking forward to the hard boiled eggs. Yummy!
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