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Not Fun Anymore...


I've officially gone from excited and amused to pissed off.

You know, if they weren't going to start the sale of Permanent Accounts at midnight (or just past midnight), then why didn't they simply SAY the exact time these would begin???

Now I have to agree with the comment that the LJ Admin is on a total 'power trip' -- and enjoying every minute of it. (That sort of crap makes me sick, by the way.)

Look, I probably wouldn't be as annoyed if Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I hadn't been looking forward to this for literally months. And if we hadn't been sleep-deprived for weeks on end.

This is the first time they've offered these accounts since back in 2005 -- when the sale only lasted for 24 hours and we missed it!

(Sorry, but we do have real lives, LJ. What that means is that we can't sit on the computer day and night -- even should we want to. That's how we can afford Permanent Accounts, by the way!)

Of course, I knew the second I heard this would happen in June that I was going to end up pissed off about the process.

Nevertheless -- even with our busy schedules -- we were taking time (when we could manage) to check and see if the sale was on or not. It took some doing, by the way...

Anyway, as we head toward 3 a.m. and have been lurking around LiveJournal for literally hours now, I'm feeling none-too-happy.

A commenter told me that LJ's staff needed sleep. WTF? More than I do? Apparently so!

Here's the deal: Having spent all this time waiting around, I now feel invested in being 'here' so I don't miss the beginning of sale -- tired, or not!

Okay, let me ask again -- how hard would it have been to simply specify the timezone involved and the EXACT TIME of the sale?

Were we stupid to assume Wednesday midnight? (When books or DVDs go on sale, that happens at midnight. And PST is were LJ is located, which we all know...)

You know, we do exactly that for various things we manage at LiveJournal communities. Do we think the LJ Admin is less capable or responsible (or caring) than we are as community moderators or assistant moderators?

I don't. (Should I maybe re-think that???)

I'll stop now. I just had to vent, frankly.

Whatever. I'll get over it and go back to excited, I'm sure... Maybe when I'm done with my garbage and recycling. Or after we've had more sleep. Or when we get our new kitten tomorrow. Anyway, at some point, I'm sure.

Probably after we've (finally) bought the Permanent Accounts. (Makes sense.)

You've done it again, LJ -- driven me f-ing crazy. (sigh)

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