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I Want to Learn LiveJournal's Advanced Customization (sigh)

Yes. It's damn well about time I tried to actually tackle advanced styles and layers. Even if I absolutely do NOT get it. (Which I don't.)

So I'm going to start posting things that should (???) help me to finally grasp the concept.

How hard can it be?

I've been coding in HTML for years.

I've finally got a decent grasp of CSS. (Okay, not terrific, but not bad!)

There's really no good reason that I haven't bothered to actually learn advanced customization. I just didn't see the point, frankly. My brain is crammed with so much other stuff that I've had to learn. The thing is, this is entirely LiveJournal-specific. It's nothing I can use anywhere else.

When I learned how to code HTML and CSS, it could be used a number of places. When I learned how to use Paint Shop Pro I could use the graphics I created all over the place! Even PowerPoint has numerous potential uses.

In other words, I've always resented bothering to learn something that didn't have benefits that go beyond a single use.

But, let's face it, it makes me feel stupid that I don't get it and can't do it!

The interesting thing? I would have never bothered to learn it in order to mess with my own LJ. I like my journal just fine. It's not fancy, but doesn't need to be.

But now I'm trying to set up a festival-oriented blog and need more control -- so learning this is my next big goal.

Of course, first I have to enter the approximately 130 entries that have already been shared in another blog (where I used Moveable Type -- certainly not by choice). So it may be a few weeks before I can seriously tackle it!

On the other hand, I'm champing at the bit to do some PSP tutorials again. I have many 'in the works' that I simply need to finish and post. I love those and love explaining that software to others...

Another goal for this summer is to get a better grasp of Word. I used to be quite the 'pro' at using WordPerfect, but have never been much of a Word fan. In WordPerfect you could view your codes and easily alter them -- but in Word you can't even see where the damn codes are! It's one of the most stupid softwares I've ever seen. But as I'm stuck using it, I'd like to be better when I do!

And it's about time I really starting to understand the basics of Excel. I don't generally have a use for it, which is why I tend to avoid it. I can 'grab' things and pull them into tables in Word, but that's really about it...

I've gone a bit far afield here!

As I was saying, by hook or crook I'm going to finally learn Advanced Customization at LJ this summer. Mark my words!

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