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Watering Done! I Might Be Getting This Now...

It's ten past 8:00 and the watering is done...

I may finally be getting this down. LOL. I wore rubber gloves to keep my hands dry with heavy gloves on top to try and keep them warm. My hands are still cold, but not as cold. LOL.

My pants got far less soaked today, too...

While I was out watering our neighbor from across the street (blue house--John) pulled to the curb in his car and said good morning. (We live in a very friendly neighborhood.)

John told me that our neighbor Tom had just had a liver transplant two days ago! (I was thankful he let us know! Sometimes we seem to be 'out of the loop' on these things!)

Tom is in ICU and can't have visitors, but Estelle (his wife) is home alone and could use food, etc. So I'm going to get together a basket for her with a card for Tom (and one for her, too).

Just have to decide what food to take over there...

My hands are starting to warm up! Whee! I didn't need to put them under the water today.

I now need more coffee!

Then the basket, my bath and get ready for later today!

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