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Memorial Day -- Big Work Day, for Us!

God, I need some new 'busy' icons -- I'm really sick of the two I have now...

As always, Memorial Day is not a day off work for us. In fact, it's busy as hell!

Poor Mom never seemed to get that, though. Every damn year she'd ask, "So, what are you doing on Memorial Day? Are you going to have a barbeque? Or go to the beach?"

Uh, Mom? We'll be doing the same thing we've been doing for the past 20 years -- working! (duh) So, how many times do we have to tell you?

But right up to when she died, it was always the same. We'd be only days away from the start of the festival, but she thought we'd get a three-day weekend. Right. Like we wouldn't be working the weekend, as well!

Anyway, considering this is our Centennial year, we're more busy than any year before this! (Probably that's needless to say.) But last night as we were eating our hamburger patties with cheese and splitting a beer, Marilyn said, "Life is good." And I immediately agreed. It doesn't matter how hard we have to work. In fact, the work is very, very satisfying! Would I rather be off for a three-day weekend -- or working for the festival? The answer is very simple, believe me!

The STORY BLOG I've been working on is getting a lot of praise. I'm very proud of my involvement. I don't believe anyone else could have done the job as well as I have. Not bragging here, mind you. I just feel that my years of blogging have been a real advantage. Thank you, LiveJournal! (smile) I'm so glad I got my account back in 2002...

I can't believe I actually updated here three days ago. Seriously. I've been so busy that it feels like it's been more than a WEEK since I was last here! (yikes) Time gets very messed up for us this time of year.

Sometimes we'll start to talk about something and then mention when it happened -- and we'll realize it was the day before! You know what I mean? I'll have figured it was days and days ago, because we fit so much into a day... Anyway!

So other than festival work, what's up with me?

The new grass we had seeded is starting to come up. Hector and his crew spent between 90 minutes and two hours adjusting the sprinkler heads, which are now working much better. (I'm not sure they don't still need some tweaking, though...)

Marilyn and Jessica (her assistant) got pedicures on Friday. Marilyn and I went and got manicures on Sunday -- and I got my pedicure. So those are out of the way for the festival! (I was really sweating the damn pedicure, as my toenails were so long...)

You should see my French manicure! It's amazing! The place we went does it totally different than Kris (our normal manicurist) does. I should take a picture and share it.

We also went to tan. I'm not any deep color, by the way. I'm very fair-skinned, so I never get too dark. But I look like I've been out in the sun. A sort of healthy look that makes my freckles all pop. (grin)

Now I just need to get outfits for the Movie Premiere and the Ball and I'm good. Damn, I wish I already had those!!!

I did my 'Goodie Bags' for the front desk last night. I do these every single year. I use lunch bags and fill them up with all sorts of treats. Two sets of everything -- a bag for each receptionist. Then I take them each a bag every day. The concept is to show them that Marilyn and I care, and that we understand how crazy it gets covering the phones and front counter during these next two weeks...

This year I've got some cool things! Little black velvet bags, small figurines (around ten inches high) of band performers, fancy nail clippers, green tea, fancy pen and pencils and highlighters and erasers and so on, plastic animals, many other toys, puzzle books, energy bars, bath beads, loads of candy and other miscellany.

Fun, fun!

I also picked up several boxes of Little Debbie cakes and things to take to my PA Meeting tomorrow -- with loads left for next week's PA Meeting.

Tomorrow is the Starlight Parade PA meeting, which I'm going to lead as usual -- even though I didn't do that script this year. (Next week is the GFP PA meeting. These are always held a week apart, on Tuesday afternoon.)

We have plenty of cat food, kitty litter, pop, small bags of peanuts and my big bags of sunflower seeds -- enough to get us through the festival! We might not have another chance to go shopping for groceries (and sundries) until after the festival is over, at this point.

I'm getting low on Cheetos, but I'm still not out, thankfully! (heh)

Marilyn and I need to sit together and just slam stuff into the GFP script. I've gone as far as I can without additional info.

So today my focus is back on the STORY BLOG -- and getting more entries up there.

One of these days I'll have more time to read (and comment) to my friends. But it might not be until after the festival ends! It's hard to believe the Centennial year is here! The festival officially starts this coming Thursday. Starlight Parade is this Saturday. (I wonder if we'll ride in it again this year?) It's all happening now!!!

Speaking of which, I'd better get to work!

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