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Time to Water!

It's just past 7 a.m. here...

Marilyn's (mistressmarilyn) already out the door to work, by the way.

Cousin Linda called yesterday. She wants Marilyn to try and use her ticket connections (in the special events world) to get her a good ticket for Sting when he comes here next October. (Her birthday is near the end of September and she wants to purchase it as a bday gift for herself. She doesn't expect us to buy it--just to help her get a good seat...) Planning ahead is a good thing. LOL.

Just called my sister Sue and wished her a good trip. She's off to a cribbage tournament this weekend. (She wasn't thrilled with the call, though, as she was just climbing into her bath... Whatever.)

Marilyn picks me up today at noon to go into the office. We have a Rose Festival Kids event we'll be attending (that time of year!) and then she goes in to our tattoo artist this afternoon to get the touch-up on her eyebrows (which I think turned out fantastic, by the way). I wanted to go along for the touch-up appointment, seeing as I missed the original one.

If I'd get my ass in gear this morning, maybe I could design the tat for my left arm that I was supposed to get done back in January! LOL. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted, so I decided to design my own.

Mary Jane's work is fantastic. She did my arm band on my right arm, Marilyn's star on her ankle and the one in the small of her back. (Besides the 'permanent cosmetic' tattooing she's done for both of us, of course.)

I'm not at all surprised how popular that is, by the way. We've got a lot of friends who've had one thing or another done. Nik's (nk_seashore) mom Glo (dayglo_m) has done a ton of it, too. (Even more than we have.) She uses a woman in Miami Beach (Florida) for her work. (No, Glo doesn't have any 'regular' tats. LOL. But members of her family do. I know Nik has an armband, for example.)

Well, I was hoping it would warm up a little before I went out! LOL. (Stalling.) But it's 20 past, so I need to get to it!

Then work on the script, pick out what I'll wear today and so on...

Did I mention I cooked rutabaga for dinner last night? We both absolutely love it and consider it quite the treat! LOL. (Sue hates it and just can't understand why we love it so. ROFL.)

We ate the (excellent) left-overs from the card room for dinner last night. (We got meals there as we usually do. The food is really good!)

Stalling over! Have a great Friday, friends.

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