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A Big Update! Rose Plantings, Tom's Gift and More...

I started this update yesterday, but never finished it. (sigh) So I'm giving it another go! (grin)

First, I need to mention what Tom did for Marilyn mistressmarilyn this week, before I get on to other things...

A package arrived from Amazon.Com and my initial reaction was, "Oh, no! What did I buy now and forget?" I was feeling guilty for spending money we don't have on something we probably didn't need...

But thankfully it was actually a belated birthday gift for Marilyn from Tom! (I should say an additional bday gift, because he already gave her things for her bday that I mentioned back in April...) He got her an 4 gig iPod Nano, lanyard headphones and a sports sleeve.

As I like to say, 'he done good.' (grin)

It was a total surprise to me, I have to tell you! And a very sweet thing for him to do during a pretty hard time for Marilyn. Not a bad time, mind you. She doesn't complain about her workload or the hours or being tired. But that doesn't change the fact that it's a rough time, even so...

Speaking of hours, we were in the office Friday night until 12:30 a.m. -- home by 1 a.m.

I'd actually spent the day at home working, but when I found out how late Marilyn planned to work and discussed it via phone with sister Sue, she suggested taking me over to the office. So I quickly finished coloring and drying my hair, rushed to cook a couple of chicken and rice casseroles (two different recipes) and packed up one of these in a box to take down to the office for Marilyn, Jessica and me to eat for (a late) dinner.

Sue is still having a lot of pain from her surgery -- and isn't supposed to be driving much. So it was very kind of her to drive me there!

I'm proud that I last updated on Wednesday. So it's only been a few days since I was last here at LJ. I'm trying hard to check things every now and then, in spite of all the work.

Yesterday (Saturday) we had numerous Rose Plantings at various locations. Normally, Marilyn and I only go to the planting for the PRFA President. But this year we went to Jan's planting (at 9 a.m. in Tigard), then Leslie's and after that to Bob's planting (he and his wife Ann live up on Skyline here in Portland -- beautiful view). So it was a full schedule!

Friday I rode my bike to the store to get my hair color -- plus some groceries. Quite a few, as it turned out! I had my bike so weighed down that it was quite a job pedaling home. It grew blustery while I was shopping and the clouds were heavy and gray by the time I got home. But happily I missed the rain! (It was hot and muggy, to tell the truth.)

While we were at the office late Friday it was pouring down rain! We were pretty worried about the conditions today, as rain was in the forecast and the plantings are done outside. But I'm glad to report that the weather held beautifully -- and we even had sun breaks! Not a drop of rain fell...

On Friday I got an email from Mitch's niece (Taylor's daughter), Gena (pronounced Gina). She mentioned that The Oregonian was going to print her memory in the special festival section. I was surprised, as I didn't recall having a memory from her at all! It turns out that I didn't recognize her married name, so I hadn't known it was her submitting the memory I'd put up to OregonLive.Com!!! Today she forwarded me the email she was sent to tell her that her memory had been selected. Pretty small world, isn't it? I wonder what her grandparents would think? She mentioned them (though not by name) in her memory. Actually, I would have known it was her if she'd said something like Grandpa Bob and Grandma Audrey. Or if she'd mentioned her uncle Mitch!

I heard from her again on Saturday, by the way. She sent me the email she'd received from the woman at The Oregonian. Interesting, interesting! Now I need to try and keep in touch with Gena now and then... (smile) Well, I do send her my festival-related emails all the time, at least.

Marilyn worked out on the mini-tramp on Saturday. Good for her! I've been using my biking as exercise lately, but should add in more soon...

I was hoping we'd head to bed by midnight Saturday night, but no go. (I think it was much closer to 2 a.m.

Needless to say, I slept in and missed the tennis finals (Rafa lost) this morning (that started at 5 a.m.)...

By the way, that birthday package that I mailed to my friend Sandy on Wednesday reached her by Friday morning (May 18). (I did delivery confirmation, so I know the exact time. So cool!) Her actual birthday is May 22, so I got it there early this year! I'm so pleased.

I had my friends Paul and Brenda come by yesterday and take all the boxes of things we had ready to go to the Goodwill (plus). They've been having a hard time and think they could maybe have a yard sale to make some $$$. I also gave them a large casserole I made. (I'm sincerely worried about how they're managing to get by. They almost lost their house before he finally got accepted for Social Security disability...)

And I found a few minutes to go by my friend June's and visit. She's been exhausted, helping Pauline (and Goldie) to move, so she was resting in the recliner when I saw her. I took chicken for them to have for dinner, so she wouldn't need to cook.

It's not a big deal, but I am trying to stay close to her, even though I've been terribly busy.

Today we went down for the volunteer gathering at Waterfront Park. It was cold and pouring down rain, so we were glad it was being held under the bridge. Then we headed over to the office for a time.

Thankfully we spent a lot of today sleeping and lying around. Recharging our batteries, I guess, as we face another busy week...

Jessica was celebrating her boyfriend Doug's birthday today. I hope that went well. (She and Amy were both there at Leslie's on Saturday, working their asses off to make sure it went well.)

Hey! I'm amazed that May 26 is the John Wayne Centennial! I just can't believe that he was born in 1907. Wow. I can't imagine him turning 100... (Of course, he actually died in 1979, at the age of 72 of lung and stomach cancer.) As an aside, the Duke was 6' 4 1/2" tall -- which is strange for an actor, as most are short.

Speaking of that, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is only 5' 10" -- but Henry VIII was 6' 2" (amazingly tall for his time period). Of course, the issue of Rhys Meyers' height is only one of many 'problems' with "The Tudors." In fact, I find it fascinating that many people who are well-versed in Tudor Dynasty history are still crazy about the Showtime series "The Tudors," which screws with historical accuracy like mad.

Oh well, I guess seeing as we all recognize it's inaccurate from the get-go, we simply try to enjoy the production for what it is. And there's a lot there to enjoy!

But don't get me started! Consider the issue of hair color alone! For those who don't know, Katherine of Aragon had red hair -- but you never see that portrayed in any production, period.

Her daughter, Mary (Bloody Mary), also had red hair -- inherited from both Katherine and Henry. (I imagine most people do know Henry had red hair.) I guess movie producers believe that modern people wouldn't buy Spaniards who have pale complexions and strawberry-blonde (red) hair, so they never show these women the way they actually looked!

But I think the assumption that none of us would accept a Spanish woman who wasn't dark-haired is just stupid. By the way, Katherine's mother Isabella was also a redhead, for those who don't know...

Okay. What gives? As usual, I've added the target="_blank" coding to the above links, but it's NOT WORKING!!! WTF???

What's going on right now with LJ? I mean, it's annoying enough that every single time I type 'okay' or 'LJ' that the spellcheck feature underlines them as being spelled incorrectly.

So 'okay' is wrong? Since when? Since computer softwares spell it 'OK'???

Hey, LJ, I'm sorry to tell you, but 'okay' happens to be the right spelling...

Okay (grin), ignore all this. Whatever. I'll deal, I'm sure!

Well, anyway, except for details about the actual work I've been doing, that pretty much brings me up-to-date on life in general. (grin)

You know, I must admit that I'm proud I've managed to keep the day-to-day stuff caught up -- it's always difficult to do this time of year, but especially so this Centennial year. (Go, me!)

Hopefully I'll find time to update my blog this coming week, too. And to cook, clean (a little), do laundry, dishes, watering of the yard and flowers and sundry other tasks... Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?

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