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We'll Sleep When We Die...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know.

We'll sleep when we die.

Which won't be long from now at this rate!

Man, this schedule is grueling and hammers the hell out of us. Seriously.

Anyway, it's around 3:30 a.m. and we just finished the latest version of the PowerPoint presentation for Marilyn's mistressmarilyn speaking engagement tomorrow. Then we need to do another one for Wednesday, but what's the rush? We prefer to do them the second before she heads out... (heh)

So I'd better get my health insurance done tomorrow, or I'll be kissing my coverage goodbye! I've let it go way, way too long... (sigh)

And I have major deadline stuff that needs to be sent to people FIRST THING TOMORROW. (yikes)

And I need to start the GFP script!!! Big, bad time!

And damn it -- we need to do our ballots and get them in! What the hell is this thing with everyday life trying to mess with our Centennial year? We don't have time to do things like vote right now... (sigh)

Wow. We did go and shop for some groceries today, though. (woo hoo) So I guess we'll have food to eat for another week...

We don't have time to shop or eat, either... (grin)

Sister Sue is suffering pretty bad from her surgery -- and needs to go see a doctor to be sure all is well...

What else?

Whatever else, I've got to head to bed. I'm too brain dead to think at this point...

Tags: 2007, centennial, health-insurance, marilyn, may-2007, powerpoint, sister-sue

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