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Spring Board Meeting and Sue's Surgery

Why, yes, it is close to 3 a.m.! So you noticed! (grin)

I'm up to try and finish the recycling part of my garbage and recycling night. Thankfully I got the garbage out and the cat boxes done before leaving for the Spring Board Meeting in the late afternoon today (we had to be there by 4:00 p.m.) -- otherwise I'd be tackling the whole mess now!

It was a comedy of errors sort of thing! I'd phoned this morning about our problem with the outdoor faucet (spigot?). We planted a few flowers over the weekend (!!!), but had a bitch of a time watering them. The wiring for our new cooling pump in the back was so close to the faucet that we couldn't attach the hose! And there certainly was no getting a watering can under the faucet, either. (Talk about mad...)

So I phoned and told them to come out at some point to check it -- I'd leave the back gate open, but probably wouldn't be around when they came. (Certainly not expecting them to come today!)

I'd also phoned about 'issues' with our lawn service. They come out every Wednesday this time of year...

So the lawn guys are here. I'm doing the cat boxes. Marilyn's mistressmarilyn on her way home (to change and pick me up to head to the meeting). She pulls up but can't get in the driveway because the Deluxe Fuel guy has pulled his rig there, because he can't pull in front. Why? Because the lawn rig (big) is parked there! He's been ringing the doorbell, but I didn't hear because I'm out doing the cat boxes... yada, yada.

She brings him in the house and out the back door to check the thing he's supposed have gone around the outside of the house to see! She's looking everywhere for me. I go out the garage door to see this strange rig parked in the drive when I'm expecting Marilyn's car!!!

Anyway, it all got done. Marilyn was annoyed that I was messing with cat boxes when I needed to be showering and dressing (!!!), but I managed to get ready without a problem (with a nudge from her, of course). Yes, at one point the Deluxe guy walks into the house looking for me while I'm standing naked in the bathroom (yikes). Marilyn runs out to talk to him and I dash to throw on clothes. I go outside and say, "You need to be talking to me -- not her." (I handle all the home-related things.) It was pretty funny!

You know how you watch TV and movies and say that stuff never happens? It does!

The Spring Board Meeting went off FABULOUSLY, by the way! Not a hitch. You'd have thought we'd actually rehearsed the whole thing...

Marilyn and I had sort of run through the PowerPoint several times, constantly tweaking here and there. But we just got there and downloaded the latest version around 4 p.m. -- then tested their sound system. Every time a staff person who was involved in part of the presentation showed up, we'd run through the appropriate slides! Some were 'in costume' and others weren't. But they all picked it up quickly. Such is the business we're in!

The two surprises of the evening?

Marilyn praised me during part of the program (which I hadn't known she would do) and everyone clapped and cheered! Very rewarding and a little embarrassing. (!!!)

Jeff and Leslie (the Executive Director and the PRFA President) presented Marilyn with the #100 Commemorative Pendleton Blanket (that I helped design, mind you). We'd been planning to buy it and had no clue they were going to do that. Jeff said that his friends in the events business across the country would ask him how to put on Centennial celebrations the way we were doing and he'd tell them they couldn't do it -- because they were missing the important element, which was Marilyn!

So how about that? Cool, huh? (Yes, I cried...)

After it was done and we'd hit the bar (for festival wine) and were eating the wonderful catered food (which included seafood patties), I got more compliments than I could keep track of on the PowerPoint work. And so many nice things were said to me about my own work and dedication -- but especially about Marilyn's passion and work on behalf of the festival.

So it was a triumph, frankly!

And I guess this morning at City Council went great, as well!

So a huge 'hump' is past us. (whoosh) On to the next one!

Sue's 'Day Surgery' was today, by the way. Talk about a whacky and busy day. (yikes) Obviously we couldn't be with her, but she was okay with that. More about the surgery TOMORROW, though, as it's now heading toward 3:30 (this took a bit to type out)...

So I'll go put out the recycling now and head to bed.

Marilyn has another early morning tomorrow -- which means I'll be up bright and early (in a couple hours) to start work on the other looming projects! Thankfully I've had a 'quick nap' between 11 p.m. and now...

Hey, busy or no, it's great to be alive! And I plan to enjoy and savor every second of this Centennial year. (Even if I am sleep-deprived!)

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