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Warm Hands (...for a Warm Heart?)

I reset the sprinkler system to come on earlier today. It's really very easy to operate. So far I haven't even glanced at the manual.

In our yard we have three stations that each come on one after another (for those like me who've never been around a sprinkler system before). You set the time for the first one--and the duration--and then each station runs based on that starting time. (You can also run it manually, which I've done, too.)

Anyway, the sprinkler had finished up this time before I headed out. I went over and carried up the neighbor's recycling bins and garbage can and then brought in our own.

I got the hose on and started to water the boulevard...

Here's the problem right now. The hose isn't long enough, first off. The end was run over by a car at some point and is bent--so the nozzle doesn't fit decently.

I couldn't attach the really nice nozzle we have out back, so I had to use an old one that's broken. LOL. It's metal and one of those kinds you have to hold down the arm of to make it work. (The part that would keep it there without squeezing is broken. Sigh.)

Because it's metal, the cold water makes it very cold to hold. Because it's broken, you have to keep squeezing and getting a new grip on it (and it gets quite wet).

We have one of those really large boulevards. (Huge.) I did that and then went around to the side yard that we didn't include in the current sprinkler system. (We're set up to be able to add it later on if we can afford it. LOL.)

By the time I was done my hands were red and so cold. Brrrrr.

I came in and put them under cold water.

(That reminds me that the first time anyone ever told me to do that when I had cold hands was in the third grade at school! LOL. I remember a bunch of us kids in the back of the room sticking our hands under the faucet and the teacher telling us that cold water would actually warm our hands...)

Then I slowly warmed the water and just stood holding my hands under.


It's incredible how good that can feel! LOL.

I hadn't even noticed how wet my jeans were in light of my cold hands.

Then I realized I was pretty damp, so I stripped off the wet pants and laid them over a chair to dry. (That also felt great, by the way.)

It's funny, but it gives me a feeling of accomplishment to start out my day doing the watering...

According to Hector, we should have a pretty decent lawn in three to four weeks! I'm excited to see it.

Well, I got my first 'batch' of material for the Starlight Parade script, so I'm going to start in today! Hard to believe it's that time again...

Marilyn had a pretty busy day yesterday and has another busy one today. Loads of meetings again!

The people at work were so sweet to her on her birthday.

Usually she hates to work on her bday. She really doesn't like all the attention, to tell you the truth. Marilyn is very much a 'behind the scenes' Events person--even though she does do both radio and TV (and does them really well, too).

One of the women (Amy--whom I adore) arranged for 'Marilyn ring' cupcakes! She had taken Marilyn's picture and made color copies of it. She wanted to put them on these rings that Freddie's sticks in the cupcakes they make.

Usually the cupcakes come with the rings already in them, but Amy needed to get the rings separately so she could add the pictures. The only woman in the bakery didn't speak English--but did speak Spanish. Amy is fortunately fluent in Spanish, so I guess the woman was delighted and actually frosted an entire batch of new cupcakes to help out!

Several people gave Marilyn cards and gifts--and she got quite a few emails and ecards.

I'm really glad. It often seems to me that she doesn't get much attention on her bday--and I think we all like to be remembered! (I think she loved the singing last night, for example! LOL.)

Sister Sue was very generous! She gave her a Starbucks card for $50 and a book gift card for another $50! Marilyn was both surprised and delighted.

Well, time to get to work! I need another cup of coffee. (And some hand cream. LOL.)

I have a tutorial I really, really want to do, by the way... (For the Paint Shop Pro communities.) Maybe I can get to that later on...

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

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