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Busy, Busy Day!

I worked for several hours first thing this morning on the PowerPoint Presentation for Wednesday night's Spring Board Meeting.

It's going great, actually!

I already thought I had a pretty good grasp of PowerPoint, but I'm learning improvements all the time. So I think we're going to be really happy with what comes of this.

Marilyn mistressmarilyn has a very creative vision for how to present everything -- and I'm both delighted and honored that I can help her realize this vision.

I love using my artistic abilities via Paint Shop Pro for manipulating images just the way we want them. Interestingly, one of the really fun things to do is take a given logo and make it into a transparent .png graphic. Then I can use PowerPoint to make it zoom/fade in -- a nifty effect! It certainly makes the logos look cool!

Anyway, around 10:00 a.m. I quit and started dashing around making sure all the rooms in the house were picked up and ready for the cable TV guy to come. My appointment was noon to 2:00, so I wanted to be ready by noon. After I'd picked things up I took a quick shower and pulled myself together. Then I went back to work on the Presentation. (I took time out to scan a large newspaper photo for the Story Blog project, too -- but I didn't get around to adding any more stories there today... Maybe tomorrow!)

Around 1:30 p.m. I got a phone call from Comcast dispatch telling me the cable guy was running late -- and checking to make sure I still wanted him to come today. No shit!!! (I didn't say that, though. I was polite, as she was very friendly and pleasant Besides, I had plenty to do to keep me busy until he arrived!)

He got to the house around 2:45 and I told him everything we wanted done. Our old analog boxes needed to be swapped out, as they go inactive as of June 5. I also wanted our digital boxes replaced, as we'd had issues with our On Deman cable not working. But we'd decided that as long as he was here we'd also have digital boxes put in some other rooms.

Yes, I did get the house cleaned last week (finally). I vacuumed and dusted in several rooms. Nothing fantastic, but enough, anyway. But I really needed to make sure our beds were made up and clothing picked up and so on before he arrived.

As it was, I knew there'd be major dust when we got behind furniture and under the existing boxes while swapping things out. (ugh) Yeah, yeah, I could have things nicer, but I've been pretty busy lately!

I didn't move much furniture in advance, so we had to do that when he got here...

It took hours.

Of course we're delighted with our new cable boxes -- especially the DVR! That should be a lot of fun in the future!

Now I have a cable box in the kitchen (!!!), which I've never had before! So exciting! When I'm cooking or doing dishes or whatever I can actually watch cable channels. That is so damn cool!

And Marilyn has a cable box in her bathroom! How nice for her when she's doing her hair or makeup to be able to watch the Tennis Channel and so on...

When Sean (sweet young guy) finally got done and left, I had to rush around like a mad person to get dinner cooking! I barely got my casserole in to bake before the guys arrived...

Tonight was our Writing Circle meeting for this month! Only Dick had written anything, but we'd decided it didn't matter -- we'd get together anyway for the dinner and drinks and comradeship.

I had meatballs in enchilada sauce (with cheese on top) in honor of Cinco de Mayo, plus a Fiesta Salad (with a salsa dressing) and the casserole. We had brownies for dessert...

Dick's wife is currently battling cancer, so that was very much on his mind. (And what he wrote about.) Poor Dick...

Colin was a very good boy during the day and evening! He spent a lot of time in his new 'spot' -- which is on the bench under the window in the kitchen nook. Marilyn leaves the bottom of the mini-blinds cracked for him to look outside. And during cleaning I made a perfect place for him to lie and sleep. He just loves it!

After Writing Circle was over we cleaned up (put away the leftover food and soaked the dishes and so on). Then I worked on the Presentation again while Marilyn worked out. Then we both worked on the Presentation together, planning what I need to do tomorrow.

Early in the morning we're headed to Salem. The House will be passing special legislation in honor of the festival's Centennial -- I can't wait to hear it! ("Whereas... whereas... whereas..."!!!) What an exciting start to the day!

I'm going there with sister Sue to join others (including Marilyn). We're meeting in the rotunda before heading into the gallery.

Then I'll come back home and get started on the Presentation again! We hope to go in late tomorrow night to 'practice' it with the project (and other equipment) prior to Wednesday night...

If I have time, I'll do some more Story Blog entries, too.

And I have GFP script info to start in on, when I finally get the time!

Busy, busy, busy! Not really much time to play with the new cable goodies. But it should be cool having DVR. Now maybe Marilyn won't miss the end of so many shows...

Time for bed! We have to leave before 7:00 a.m. to drive to Salem!

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