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Happy World Naked Gardening Day!

Yes, I'm serious. Today is the Third Annual World Naked Gardening Day! (And the link I just shared is to the official website. I kid you not!)

First thing this morning I had to phone my friend Jan on her cell and leave her message about it. She's this year's Rose Society president. (grin) She just phoned me back and told me she'd just gotten done watering the rose (at the Rose Planting) in Wenatchee, Washington (at the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Parade) -- and being a cheeky sort of gal, I asked her if she'd been wearing clothes while she did it!

Jan is this totally lovely, warm and fun person, so she was delighted by the whole thing -- and she thanked me for phoning. I can't even say what a lovely woman she is. (I almost wrote girl, because there's something so youthful about her. You can just imagine her hanging with her high school or college friends when she's not hanging with you...)

She told me that tomorrow is her 48th birthday (!!!), so I need to be sure and do something for it.

Jan was one of the people who made our recent trip to Vegas with us, though she was able to stay over the weekend. We did get to go to lunch with her at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville (yes, I had a Cheeseburger in Paradise!) -- and we all sat together down at the pool (one of many) at the Flamingo Hotel where we were staying. (Marilyn mistressmarilyn and I had pina coladas!) Fun, fun!

As I just got done saying to Marilyn (who is at the office working) on the phone, you have to be careful when planting ROSES in the nude -- they've got those damn thorns to deal with! (grin)

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